The Samurai: Japanese Arms and Armour

The Samurai: Japanese Arms and Armour

View full screen - View 1 of Lot 18. A fine Nimai-do gusoku [armour] |The kabuto Momoyama period, late 16th century.

The Property of a European Collector

A fine Nimai-do gusoku [armour] |The kabuto Momoyama period, late 16th century

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The Property of a European Collector

A fine Nimai-do gusoku [armour]

The kabuto Momoyama period, late 16th century

the akoda-nari suji bachi kabuto with thirty-two plates, slightly raised to the back of the crown, fitted with gilt-metal fukurin to all the ridges and pierced with boar’s eye (inome) openings, three-stage tehen kanamono in the form of a chrysanthemum, the four tier shikoro [neck guard] in vertical bands of red and gold lacquer, laced with closely spaced kebiki odoshi in alternating red and white braid, the later red and gold lacquer maedate [forecrest] in the form of an oni with two large horns, the red lacquer mempo with open mouth, broad horse bristle moustache and chin tuft, gilded teeth, four-tier yodare-gake [throat protector], the do [cuirass] in two sections, all in honkozane [true lamellae] in alternating vertical light red and white bands consistent with all other parts, applied with nanatsuboshimon [Seven Luminaries crest], two-tiered nodowa [throat guard], seven tier sode [shoulder guards] with the right sode in red lacquer and light red braid, the left in gold lacquer and white braid, the mail kote [sleeves] pierced to each with aoi mon [hollyhock crests], six tassets of five-tiered kusazuri [skirt], the underskirt decorated with bands of seigaiha, large floral heads and sprays, with shinosunaete [shin guards], accompanying later black lacquer karabitsu [storage chest]

Guiseppe Piva, Samurai: Opere della Collezione Koelliker e delle Raccolte Extraeuropee del Castello Sforzesco, (Milan, 2009), no. 2, pg. 44-45.

The armour suit with two family crests (kamon) present: under the throat guard (nodawa) are two adjacent Seven Luminaries crests (nanatsuboshi mon) in gold, and hollyhock crests (aoi mon) can be seen on the sleeves. Both kamon have been used by various clans, with this version of the aoi mon attributable also to the Honda Daimyo.