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A Yixing teapot and cover, after Hui Mengchen, Late Qing dynasty

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A Yixing teapot and cover, after Hui Mengchen

Late Qing dynasty

清末 宜興朱泥平蓋思亭壺

the bottom of the handle impressed with changji and yihe marks, the base incised in regular script with the characters Yongzheng er nian Jiachen ('Jiachen the second year of the Yongzheng period', corresponding to 1724), followed by the incised seal marks reading Hui and Mengchen, the interior of the cover inscribed with two characters shuiping (2)


Width 4⅛ in., 10.5 cm

Collection of Warren E. Cox (1895–1977), New York (according to label).
Collection of Dr. Balensweig (by repute).