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The Dalmore Decades No. 6 Collection (6 bts 70cl & 1 book)

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The Dalmore Decades The No. 6 Collection (6 bts 70cl & 1 book)

The only opportunity to collect the complete 6 bottle set of Dalmore Decades.

Each of the ultra-rare six crystal decanters feature bespoke silver collars unique to this collection. A sterling silver Dalmore 12-point Royal stag emblem adorns each decanter. This mark of excellence symbolises the inspiration and expertise required to produce these astonishing whiskies.

Each decanter is displayed on a bespoke illuminated pedestal topped with black oak, brushed chrome and sterling silver.


The Dalmore 60 Year Old Royal Heritage 42.6 abv 1951

Distilled on 7th June 1951, bottled in 2011, initially aged in twin refill oloroso Sherry casks, Casks #1781 and #1782.

The Dalmore 53 Year Old Expertly Composed Spirit 42.5 abv 1967

Distilled on 24th February 1967, bottled in 2020, initially aged in American white oak ex-Bourbon barrels, then transferred into a 20-year-old Graham’s Tawny Port Pipe and finally into a barrique previously used to age Châteauneuf-du-Pape from acclaimed winery Château Mont-Redon.


The Dalmore 40 Year Old Curating Exquisite Casks 41.5 abv 1979

Distilled on 29th October 1979, bottled in 2020, aged in American white oak ex-Bourbon casks in October 1979, before maturation in a Matusalem Oloroso Sherry butt from González Byass and finally in an exceptionally rare Graham’s vintage Port Pipe from 1952.

The Dalmore 40 Year Old Unbroken Chain of Visionaries 40.8 abv 1980

Distilled on 9th October 1980, bottled in 2020, aged in American white oak ex-Bourbon casks and then transferred to Matusalem Sherry butts before returning to first-fill ex-Bourbon casks for five years before bottling.

The Dalmore 25 Year Old Creation of an Icon 42.5 abv 1995

Distilled on 28th August 1995, bottled in 2020, aged initially in ex-Bourbon casks, then transferred into a Graham’s vintage Port Pipe from 1994, before spending more than five years in a barrique used to mature Tintilla de Rota.

The Dalmore 20 Year Old Into the New Millennium 47.0 abv 2000

Distilled at 12:02 am on 1st January 2000, bottled in 2020, this whisky spent its entire 20 years in a Matusalem Oloroso Sherry butt.

The Dalmore Decades Book

6 bts 70cl & 1 book (opc)

The Dalmore 60 Year Old Royal Heritage 42.6 abv 1951 Tasting Note


Deep mahogany, beaming copper and flashes of amber gold.


Generous and full, with a robust overture of aged oloroso Sherry, treacle toffee, liquorice stick, with hints of balsamic. A further layer of Olde English marmalade, freshly ground Java coffee, dark bitter chocolate and molasses immediately follows on. Subtle whispers of glazed cherries, moist Napoleon cake and sun-kissed raisins linger enticingly in the background.


Once tasted, never forgotten. The Sherry wood has cast its magical charm to reveal enticing flavours of pecan pie, banana fig cake, crushed almonds and hints of Chinotto oranges. As these enchanting flavours disperse, they are quickly replaced by juicy raisins drenched in Marsala, thick treacle, overripe pineapple and frangipane.


Whispers of black treacle, ginger spice and cocoa powder.

The Dalmore 53 Year Old Expertly Composed Spirit 42.5 abv 1967 Tasting Note


Amber honey gold with dazzling rays of crimson cherry wood.


Tantalising scents of coffee mousse, soft chewy liquorice, caramelised oranges and black morello cherries. It goes on to reveal facets of crushed almonds, vanilla panna cotta, Parma Violets and raspberry myrtle. Finally, a soft kiss of roasted walnuts dipped in treacle, and dark, plummy fruits.


Complex but wonderfully intriguing, as a multitude of exotic flavours rolls out in gentle profusion to extenuate toffee apple laced with cinnamon, Devonshire fudge, spiced pear and sweet Sanguinello blood oranges.


Further layers of del golfo di Taranto clementines, tangy ground coffee, ginger spice and muscovado, in a richly textured and harmonious finish.

The Dalmore 40 Year Old Curating Exquisite Casks 41.5 abv 1979 Tasting Note


Dark, deep and mysterious as it radiates an earthy mahogany, dazzling hue.


A carousel of dark, plummy fruits, Napoleon cake laced with aged oloroso, honeyed chocolate and sticky toffee pudding. Exuberant and charming nuances of Seville oranges, coffee-esque, liquorice spice and sweet sultanas. A finale of hawthorn blossom, fig syrup, Turkish delight and tarte tatin.


As the spirit lingers long on the palate, hidden treasures are unlocked: toasted pistachios, caramel fudge, maraschino cherries and Demerara sugar. Mouthwatering blood oranges, treacle tart, Rwanda black coffee and a touch of kirsch.


Maple syrup, pineapple and succulent dates drift pleasingly in the background.

The Dalmore 40 Year Old Unbroken Chain of Visionairies 40.8 abv 1980 Tasting Note


Mahogany, amber gold, translucent.


A golden sunset with rays of manuka honey, roasted chestnuts, Pontefract cakes and Seville orange marmalade coming into play. Hints of caramel latte, powdered doughnuts, Victoria sponge cake and Black Forest fruit.


Firm and positive ~ this beautifully orchestrated single malt layers and coats the tongue with a rhapsody of enticing flavours of baked banana bread, vanilla custard laced with Pedro Ximénez Sherry, Christstollen cake and chocolate truffles. Leaving it long on the palate will unlock secret flavours of toffee apple, coconut blancmange, mulled wine and sun-kissed raisins.


A gentle whisper of bitter chocolate, marzipan and cocoa powder.

The Dalmore 25 Year Old Creation of an Icon 42.5 abv 1995 Tasting Note


Amber cherry wood gold with glittering rays of crimson and honey.


Enticing aromas of Victoria sponge covered with plummy jam, glacé black cherries, caramelised citrus fruits and overripe apricots. Then, attractive hints of Sanguinello blood oranges, brioche dipped in Scottish heather honey, loganberry and juicy cherries all encased in a layer of Black Forest fruit. An excellent balance of damson plums and espresso coffee.


A silky haze of exquisite flavours of Madagascan vanilla pod, liquorice spice, crushed pineapple and Bramley apples. It continues with layers of caramel fudge, gingerbread smothered with icing sugar, soft chewy macaroons and cassis.


A burst of red cherries, glazed nectarines, frangipane and moist pecan pie builds up to a triumphal finish.

The Dalmore 20 Year Old Into the New Millenium 47.0 abv 2000 Tasting Note


Satin wood, honeyed gold.


Caramelised tangerines, sun-kissed raisins soaked in aged Matusalem oloroso Sherry, Christmas cake and mulled wine take centre stage. An avalanche of exuberance with Bramley apples sprinkled with cinnamon, ginger spice, orange peel and peach syrup. With the addition of a little still water, another layer of tantalising aromas emerges: baked wheat toast, soft chewy caramel, vanilla and dried figs.


Complex and intriguing, with a multitude of exotic flavours rolling over the palate: black maraschino cherries, bitter chocolate, coffee-esque and treacle toffee. A wave of glazed nectarines marinated in Marsala, muscovado, frangipane and Turkish delight.


A final kiss of liquorice, pecan cake, tarte tatin and maple syrup ebbs slowly away in the background