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Krechet-94 ("Gyrfalcon") lunar spacesuit, manufactured by NPP Zvezda, ca. 1962

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A Krechet-94 ("Gyrfalcon") Lunar EVA (Extra-Vehicular Activity, aka Moonwalk) Spacesuit, manufactured by NPP Zvezda, ca 1962. 

Full semi-rigid one piece lunar

spacesuit, approx. 72 in. tall, weighing approx. 200 lbs, supported on custom stand. Outer restraint layer made of Kapron fabric, with two pressure bladders of rubber, the whole protected by an outer garment with shield vacuum thermal insulation. Suit with flexible legs and arms, rigid torso of aluminum alloy with integrated helmet having both clear polycarbonate and protective sun visors. Backpack containing LSS (Life Support System) components, including thermal control system (water cooled garment & heat exchange/sublimator) opening with hand-controlled latch and hinge system to reveal entry hatch, LSS control panel with emblem of USSR mounted to chest. 

AN EXCEPTIONALLY RARE KRECHET-94 ("GYRFALCON") LUNAR EVA SPACESUIT, designed to be used on Moonwalks as part of the ill-fated N-1/L-3 Soviet lunar program. The N1 was the Soviet counterpart to the American Saturn V, and remains the most powerful rocket ever built, though each of the four attempts to launch failed. After the death of Sergei Korolev, the chief architect of the Russian space program, the project never recovered, and the N1 program was suspended in 1974, before being officially cancelled in 1976. This Krechet-94 suit was likely made for training, as the LSS controls appear to be a mock-up and are not functional. 


European collection


see Abramov and Skoog, Russian Spacesuits, p. 332