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Rare Whisky & Moutai | Extraordinary Spirits from Asia & Scotland

View full screen - View 1 of Lot 1. “Sun Flower” Kweichow Moutai in Original Wooden Crate 53.0 abv 1974 年葵花牌貴州茅台酒原木箱 (24 BT50).

“Sun Flower” Kweichow Moutai in Original Wooden Crate 53.0 abv 1974 年葵花牌貴州茅台酒原木箱 (24 BT50)

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June 18, 09:35 AM GMT


200,000 - 450,000 GBP

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“Sun Flower” Kweichow Moutai in Original Wooden Crate 53.0 abv 1974 年葵花牌貴州茅台酒原木箱

This lot includes 24 bottles of 1974 "Sun Flower" Kweichow Moutai housed within an original wooden case. The case was sealed shut with the original nails from when it was first shipped. The shipping crate is stenciled with Kweichow Moutai's branding and inside contains 24 individual compartments within which each of the 24 bottles are housed, Italian tax strip labels over capsules, general wear to bottles

“Sun Flower” Moutai holds a unique place not just in Moutai distillery’s history, but also in that of China’s. The “Sun Flower” replaced “Flying Fairy” for the export branding during the cultural revolution. The “Flying Fairy” logo, originating from the Maogao cave drawings in Dunhuang, was categorized as one of the “four olds” and thus, deemed inappropriate to be continued to be featured on Moutai bottles. 

“Sun Flower" Moutai was first introduced in 1969, with the last batch coming out into the market around 1983. According to official records, 1974’s production for the export market is only 36.2 tons, compared with its total production of 664.5 tons, which makes it highly sought after.

Each of the 24 bottles included in this lot has been individually weighed. Below is the respective weight of each bottle in grams:

Bottle 1: 1002g

Bottle 2: 1065g

Bottle 3: 968g

Bottle 4: 1001g

Bottle 5: 1049g

Bottle 6: 1006g

Bottle 7: 1032g

Bottle 8: 992g

Bottle 9: 1016g

Bottle 10: 1038g

Bottle 11: 1046g

Bottle 12: 1046g

Bottle 13: 1034g

Bottle 14: 1046g

Bottle 15: 1025g

Bottle 16: 1031g

Bottle 17: 1037g

Bottle 18: 1015g

Bottle 19: 1011g

Bottle 20: 914g

Bottle 21: 1008g

Bottle 22: 1029g

Bottle 23: 1037g

Bottle 24: 1034g

24 bts 50cl (owc)

LYING IN OCTAVIAN, CORSHAM Offered In Bond Available Duty Paid


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