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Robert Alice x Alethea AI

iNFT // To the Young Artists of Cyberspace

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June 10, 02:58 PM GMT


Upon Request

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Owner: Robert Alice x Alethea AI

Robert Alice x Alethea AI

b. 1992 & Est. 2019

To the Young Artists of Cyberspace


Work includes 13 additional NFTs that form the Seed Text Manifesto Portfolio - shown in the Catalogue Note.

ERC-721 iNFT

Token ID: 0

1 10mb GIF iNFT + 13 MP4 NFTs

Minted on May 30, 2021, ed. 1/1

Main contract utilizes many elements from the subcontract 0x3D10E9869c932270BdA0c9D702E6BA802Ae6b3f7 to function correctly. This contract holds the 13 seed text NFT’s

Smart Contract Addresses: NFT (1 GIF): 0x42Eb865DFc9774E2cb0cBa1A9100D0e39b480eCf

AI Pod: 0xD028C602A1C6aB192436718e316D2eD64B131AC8

iNFT (holder of AI Pod): 0xaBff758ecbB63Dc408Ff57127472607975160917

Seed text portfolio (13 MP4’s): 0x3D10E9869c932270BdA0c9D702E6BA802Ae6b3f7

NOTE: This iNFT requires API pulls in order to remain interactive. On acquisition of this lot, these hosting costs in full will pass into the care and control of the buyer. These hosting costs can vary greatly dependent on the number of individuals and interactions the owner specifies, meaning it can be scaled up and scaled down depending on the owner's wishes and budget. For more information on this, please please visit: