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Robert Alice x Alethea AI

iNFT // To the Young Artists of Cyberspace

Robert Alice x Alethea AI

Robert Alice x Alethea AI

iNFT // To the Young Artists of Cyberspace

iNFT // To the Young Artists of Cyberspace

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Owner: Robert Alice x Alethea AI

Robert Alice x Alethea AI

b. 1992 & Est. 2019

To the Young Artists of Cyberspace


Work includes 13 additional NFTs that form the Seed Text Manifesto Portfolio - shown in the Catalogue Note.

ERC-721 iNFT

Token ID: 0

1 10mb GIF iNFT + 13 MP4 NFTs

Minted on May 30, 2021, ed. 1/1

Main contract utilizes many elements from the subcontract 0x3D10E9869c932270BdA0c9D702E6BA802Ae6b3f7 to function correctly. This contract holds the 13 seed text NFT’s

Smart Contract Addresses: NFT (1 GIF): 0x42Eb865DFc9774E2cb0cBa1A9100D0e39b480eCf

AI Pod: 0xD028C602A1C6aB192436718e316D2eD64B131AC8

iNFT (holder of AI Pod): 0xaBff758ecbB63Dc408Ff57127472607975160917

Seed text portfolio (13 MP4’s): 0x3D10E9869c932270BdA0c9D702E6BA802Ae6b3f7

NOTE: This iNFT requires API pulls in order to remain interactive. On acquisition of this lot, these hosting costs in full will pass into the care and control of the buyer. These hosting costs can vary greatly dependent on the number of individuals and interactions the owner specifies, meaning it can be scaled up and scaled down depending on the owner's wishes and budget. For more information on this, please please visit:

The following condition report is provided by nameless™.

This part of the report will describe the quality of the 14 non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that hold the visual art, which consist of 1 GIF and 13 MP4 files.  These NFTs are in Excellent condition. Excellent means an average user could easily regain access to the token if there was ever an issue with the current hosting service, and there is no dispute as to ownership of the token.

The NFT’s data storage security is very high. The nameless platform utilizes Arweave and the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) for storage. Both of these platforms are very secure methods of storing NFT data. Utilization of both platforms simultaneously further increases the confidence that the media data will remain available in the future.

The metadata permanence associated with this NFT is higher than current industry standards. The metadata presented meets most average open standards set forth in the Ethereum Improvement Proposals (EIP) that have been adopted by most major platforms to ensure that display and associated traits/functions perform similarly.

This NFT is an “intelligent NFT” (iNFT), meaning it has an artificial intelligence (AI) element incorporated. The AI utility of this artwork is controlled by two additional smart contracts utilizing an Alethea AI Pod (POD) token that is wrapped inside an iNFT contract. The iNFT is holding the pointer to the AI Pod and the NFT token on-chain. The token containing the aforementioned GIF points to and inherits the AI capabilities and personality from the AI Pod. The connection between the NFT and the AI Pod can be burned by the owner. If burned the NFT would lose its iNFT abilities and the AI Pod would be released to its owner. 

The AI part of this artwork lives on servers maintained by Alethea AI, and requires the NFTs to be connected to their API to be activated, at an additional cost to the iNFT owner. The API calls interact with centralized programs and servers on Microsoft, Google, AWS, and other centralized cloud providers. Alethea AI  reserve the right to modify the technical architecture accordingly, should decentralized solutions or other more elegant solutions emerge, and as the technology evolves over the coming years to allow seamless transfer of the iNFT from owner to owner.

The owner of the iNFT should contact Alethea AI to set up this piece at their convenience. Alethea AI will perform initial post-auction setup of the iNFT free of charge, and are available throughout the lifespan of the iNFT to provide future deployment instructions and direction to each subsequent owner of the iNFT. 

For more information please visit:

Information provided by Alethea AI:

Primary Function of the AI pod: After an AI Pod is linked with a NFT, the NFT is allocated AI capabilities, it is able to utilize them and that makes the NFT an intelligent NFT (iNFT). These AI capabilities are (off-chain):

a) Real-time lip sync with a neutral facial expression

b) Real-time Audio speech Recognition of speakers

c) Real-time comprehension through our AI Engine 

d) Real-time Speech Synthesis and voice generation

e) Real-time intelligent response through our AI engine

The iNFT protocol: The iNFT Protocol, in effect, has an immutable registry of the links between NFTs and AI Pods. As long as a NFT is linked with an AI Pod, it is considered to be an iNFT within the iNFT Ecosystem. After an AI Pod is linked to the NFT, the AI Pod is locked within the iNFT Smart Contract. 

Breaking the Link: If the buyer decides to break the link between the NFT and the AI Pod, they can do so and the locked AI Pod will be sent to them, but it will mean destroying their iNFT - they will no longer be able to use the AI resources within the iNFT ecosystem, and their character's personality prompt will be lost.

For this Sale: For this iNFT sale, the purchaser will be receiving the very first AI Pod ever minted, characteristics for which will be:

Generation: 1

Batch: 1

Pod Number: 1


There are royalties of 10% on secondary sales enforced in the contract which should be honored by most major NFT platforms. 

nameless™ Condition Reports are statements of opinion only and not representation of fact. The reports are non-exhaustive and based solely on information provided to nameless and/or obtained by nameless prior to sale, unless otherwise specified. The reports may make reference to a lot’s smart contract details and history, metadata and/or media file specifics, storage, and/or origin, and other token features, however such reports may not refer to or identify all faults and potential vulnerabilities that may exist. The images of a lot form part of the condition report for the lot, however certain images of a lot provided online may not accurately reflect the actual condition of the lot. Condition reports may make reference to particular imperfections of a lot, although the lot may have other faults or issues not expressly referred to in the condition report for the lot or shown in the online images of the lot.

Condition reports are not an alternative to carrying out your own inspection and investigation of a lot and/or seeking your own independent professional advice. All auction participants should inspect a lot and satisfy oneself as to its condition prior to bidding. The responsibility for ascertaining the condition of a lot remains with the purchaser, and nameless cannot be held responsible for the content of condition reports, which are provided for guidance only in assessing the condition of a lot. NOTWITHSTANDING THIS ONLINE CONDITION REPORT OR ANY DISCUSSIONS CONCERNING A LOT, ALL LOTS ARE OFFERED AND SOLD "AS IS" IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE CONDITIONS APPLICABLE TO THE RESPECTIVE SALE(S).