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Art Blocks

19 works

Art Blocks

Art Blocks

19 works

19 works

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Owner: Erick Calderon & Jeff Davis (Art Blocks Founders)

Snowfro, DCA, Jeff Davis, Daïm Aggott-Hönsch, pxlq, luxpris, Hideki Tsukamoto, ge1doot, Bryan Brinkman, Beervangeer, Zeblocks, Dmitri Cherniak, Simon De Mai, kai, Kjetil Golid, Alexis André, Aaron Penne, Radix & daLenz

Chromie Squiggle, Genesis, Construction Token, Cryptoblots, Dynamic Slices, Elevated Deconstructions, Singularity, Ignition, NimBuds, HyperHash, Unigrids, Ringers, Spectron, 27-Bit Digital, Archetype, 720 Minutes, Apparitions, Inspirals, Aerial View


Non-fungible Token ERC-721

Token ID: varies by token, see below

PNGs, size varies by token type, some are animated by javascript

Minted on: varies by token, see below

Smart Contract Address: Version 1: 0xd4e4078ca3495DE5B1d4dB434BEbc5a986197782

Version 2: 0xa7d8d9ef8D8Ce8992Df33D8b8CF4Aebabd5bD270

Title | Artist | Year Minted | Token ID

Chromie Squiggle | Snowfro | 2020 | 3183

Genesis | DCA | 2020 | 1000200

Construction Token | Jeff Davis | 2020 | 2000343

Cryptoblots | Daïm Aggott-Hönsch | 2020 | 3001044

Dynamic Slices | pxlq | 2020 | 4000033

Elevated Deconstructions | luxpris | 2020 | 7000030

Singularity | Hideki Tsukamoto | 2020 | 8000330

Ignition | ge1doot | 2020 | 9000185

NimBuds | Bryan Brinkman | 2020 | 10000267

HyperHash | Beervangeer | 2020 | 11000349

Unigrids | Zeblocks | 2020 | 12000311

Ringers | Dmitri Cherniak | 2020 | 13000020

Spectron | Simon De Mai | 2020 | 17000394

27-Bit Digital | kai | 2020 | 21000634

Archetype | Kjetil Golid | 2020 | 23000270

720 Minutes | Alexis André | 2020 | 27000527

Apparitions | Aaron Penne | 2020 | 28000648

Inspirals | Radix | 2020 | 29000751

Aerial View | daLenz | 2020 | 35000642

For contract versions 1 and 2

The following condition report is provided by nameless™.

This non-fungible token (NFT) is in Excellent condition.

The NFT’s data storage security is higher than current industry standards. Art Blocks’ projects are generated on-chain by a script written by the project artist. This script can be referenced by going to the Art Blocks contract. Each token contains a hash generated at creation. This hash is run against the project script to create the art. The completed hash can then be run through the Art Blocks Javascript library to create the piece. Tokens have a static image stored on IPFS, but the animated versions of the piece must be generated through the Art Blocks script, currently hosted at<tokenID>. Thus, the images and art are stored on IPFS and on the Ethereum blockchain directly, but creating the image from the content requires the javascript library to run in order to generate the art. 

The metadata permanence associated with the NFT is very high. The metadata presented meets most average open standards set forth in the Ethereum Improvement Proposals (EIP) that has been adopted by all major platforms to ensure that display and associated traits/functions perform similarly.


The technical transparency is very high. The function, use, and standards compliance for this lot is higher than current industry standards.

These tokens have as their main secondary sales platform, where secondary sales are subject to a royalty of 10%. 

nameless™ Condition Reports are statements of opinion only and not representation of fact. The reports are non-exhaustive and based solely on information provided to nameless and/or obtained by nameless prior to sale, unless otherwise specified. The reports may make reference to a lot’s smart contract details and history, metadata and/or media file specifics, storage, and/or origin, and other token features, however such reports may not refer to or identify all faults and potential vulnerabilities that may exist. The images of a lot form part of the condition report for the lot, however certain images of a lot provided online may not accurately reflect the actual condition of the lot. Condition reports may make reference to particular imperfections of a lot, although the lot may have other faults or issues not expressly referred to in the condition report for the lot or shown in the online images of the lot.

Condition reports are not an alternative to carrying out your own inspection and investigation of a lot and/or seeking your own independent professional advice. All auction participants should inspect a lot and satisfy oneself as to its condition prior to bidding. The responsibility for ascertaining the condition of a lot remains with the purchaser, and nameless cannot be held responsible for the content of condition reports, which are provided for guidance only in assessing the condition of a lot. NOTWITHSTANDING THIS ONLINE CONDITION REPORT OR ANY DISCUSSIONS CONCERNING A LOT, ALL LOTS ARE OFFERED AND SOLD "AS IS" IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE CONDITIONS APPLICABLE TO THE RESPECTIVE SALE(S).