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Li Chen 李真 | Cause 三生石

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April 19, 10:54 AM GMT


200,000 - 300,000 HKD

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Li Chen




executed in 2003

incised with the artist’s signature in Chinese and Pinyin, numbered 28/30 on the reverse

29 by 22.5 by 49.5cm; 11 ⅜ by 8 ⅞ by 19 ½ in. 

This work is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity issued by Asia Art Center









李真 Li Chen 28/30 (背面)

29 x 22.5 x 49.5cm; 11 ⅜ x 8 ⅞ x 19 ½ in.


Please note the correct edition of this work should be 28/30

Private Asian Collection



Li Chen: Energy of Emptiness2007 Solo Exhibition at 52nd International Art Exhibition-La Biennale di Venezia, Asia Art Center, Taipei, 2007, p. 148-153 (another edition)

Li Chen : In Search of Spiritual Space 2008 Solo Exhibition at National Art Museum of China, Asia Art Center, Taipei, 2008, p. 84-87 (another edition)

Through the Ages-Li Chen, Asia Art Center, Taipei, 2019, p. 170 (another edition)





During the Tang Dynasty one literati, Lee Yuan, became mentored with the Monk of the All Seeing Eye. On his death bed the elderly Monk of the All Seeing Eye prophesied: “One gestating a child for three years, urgently awaits my rebirth in her child’s soul, to be her newborn son.” “And during the Mid-Autumn Festival twelve years later, we will meet again at the Temple of Heavenly Reeds”. As expected, the child smiled at Lee Yuan, but then quickly departed and died thereafter; upon another cycle of twelve lunar years, Lee Yuan arrived as expected, but met a little shepherd boy at the Temple of Heavenly Reeds, and as Lee Yuan smiled at the young shepherd, he realized that the shepherd indeed was the reincarnation of the Monk of the All Seeing Eye; so was inaugurated the Lee style of contemplative martial arts, the distant but near path, to be pursued in contemplation, as there is always alas, yet hope, for another day.

Many Asian contemplative secrets are not reducible to simple language, they reflect concepts which may appear at first glance contrary to logic, and whilst interlocuting about so many different matters, much like a whiff of dust or dandelion in the breeze, it all depends on karma. Experienced karmic masters may experience a triplet of karmic reincarnations together.

Continuing the aforementioned story of the rebirth of the Master of the All Seeing Eye, Li Chen’s work: Cause, concerns the potentiality for commingling of aspects one soul amongst many souls and bodies. Li Chen has re-envisioned and rearticulated these two images, like the Nanny Maria and the Captain in The Sound of Music, with each having their own appearance, synergistically engaged, with the darker image reflecting the more real; and the lighter spiritually evoking the ethereal, with the bodies in darker colors, and silver for their spirits, thus it is that Li Chen describes the status of his individual existence- life and the deeper spiritual life, engaging a profoundly provocative and ever present percussive dialogue. Where spirit engages spirit in a positive dialogue, caringly, with love and concern, as we arrive to the deepest pure aquifers where both physical and spiritual works interface with unity.