Master Paintings & Sculpture Part I

Master Paintings & Sculpture Part I

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Property of a Private Collector, New York

Rembrandt Harmensz. van Rijn

Abraham and the Angels

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Property of a Private Collector, New York

Rembrandt Harmensz. van Rijn

Leiden 1606 - 1669 Amsterdam

Abraham and the Angels

signed and dated lower edge, left of center: Rembrandt f. 1646

oil on panel

6 3/8 by 8 3/8 in.; 16.1 by 21.1 cm.

Please note this lot has been withdrawn.
Martin van den Broeck, 1646/7 (see text);
By whom exchanged with Andries Ackersloot, Amsterdam, 1647;
From whom likely purchased by Ferdinand Bol (1616–1680), Amsterdam, inventory 8 October 1669;
Jan Six (1618–1700), Amsterdam;
His sale, Amsterdam, J.P. Zomer, 6 April 1702, lot 40 (for 34.10 guilders);
Benjamin West, P.R.A. (1738–1820), England;
His sale, London, Christie's, 23 June 1820 (Lugt 9830), lot 58 (to Samuel for 290 guineas, or unsold); 
His sale, London, Christie's, 28 May 1824 (Lugt 10687), lot 53 (where unsold);
Haldiman, Esq., England;
Richard Saunderson, Esq., M.P., Colchester, 1836 (according to J. Smith, vol. 7);
Sir Thomas Baring (1772–1848), 2nd Bt., London (lent to British Institution 1840, no. 16);
His sale, London, Christie's, 2-3 June 1848, lot 98, to Fuller;
Stanley collection (perhaps Edward and Mary Dorothy Stanley, or their son Capt. E.A.V. Stanley), Quantock Lodge, Somerset;
With Frederik Muller & Co., Amsterdam;
Janssen, Amsterdam, until 1923 (according to W.R. Valentiner, 1921);
From whom acquired for Walter & Catalina von Pannwitz, Heemstede, NL and later New York, by 1926; 
The Aurora Trust, New York City, established in 1950 by Catalina von Pannwitz;
From whom acquired by Alfred Bader and Otto Naumann, Ltd., 2004;
From whom acquired by present owner, 2005.
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