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Eileen Gray

Table E-1027, prototype

Artist's Resale Right



- 60,000 EUR

Property from the collection of Peter Adam | Provenant de la Collection Peter Adam

Eileen Gray

Eileen Gray

Table E-1027, prototype

Table E-1027, prototype



- 60,000 EUR

Property from the collection of Peter Adam

Eileen Gray

Prototype E-1027 table

circa 1970

chrome-plated steel and plywood

With the Peter Adam EG collection mark on a label on the reverse

maximum height : 99,5 cm ; 39 ¼in. ; minimum height : 61,5 cm ; 24 ¼ in. ; diameter : 51 cm ; 20 in.


Provenant de la Collection Peter Adam

Eileen Gray

Table E-1027, prototype

vers 1970

acier chromé et contreplaqué

Avec la marque de la collection Peter Adam EG sur une plaque au revers

hauteur maximum : 99,5 cm ; 39 ¼ in. hauteur minimum : 61,5 cm ; 24 ¼ in. diamètre : 51 cm ; 20 in.

Good overall condition consistent with age and gentle use. This prototype presents with surface scratches throughout, the largest one of approximately 11,6 cm located on the top which does not alter the artistic integrity of the table. Three screws have been replaced at a later stage and two are missing on the reverse of the top. There are also traces of an old adhesive label. All are not visually distracting. The chrome-plated steel presents with minor oxidation stains, as well as rubbing marks on the base.

"In response to your inquiry, we are pleased to provide you with a general report of the condition of the property described above. Since we are not professional conservators or restorers, we urge you to consult with a restorer or conservator of your choice who will be better able to provide a detailed, professional report. Prospective buyers should inspect each lot to satisfy themselves as to condition and must understand that any statement made by Sotheby's is merely a subjective, qualified opinion. Prospective buyers should also refer to any Important Notices regarding this sale, which are printed in the Sale Catalogue.


Eileen Gray, Paris, then by succession

Prunella Clough, London

Acquired from the above by Peter Adam

Thence by descent to the actual owner


Eileen Gray, Paris, puis par succession

Prunella Clough, Londres

Acquis auprès de la précédente part Peter Adam

Puis par descendance à l'actuel propriétaire

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“She deeply felt the spirit of objects, contemplating them, analyzing them, perfecting them. Her creations were the fruit of research carried out in most absolute isolation.”

How better to describe Eileen Gray’s work than in Peter Adam’s words?

A close friend of the artist, he wrote a very complete biography of her life that was published in 2009, and highlights her sensitivity, her modernism and her visionary spirit.

Peter Adam met Eileen Gray in 1960 when she was 82, through his friend, Eileen Gray’s niece, Prunella Clough. He was immediately struck by her solitary temperament and sought to understand her work.

“We became friends over time, we were often close, rarely intimate. She led a secluded life, which perfectly reflected her character. […] Her work was the only space where she expressed her passion and obsession. She dedicated her life to creation.”

A director of documentaries and producer for the BBC for twenty-two years, passionate about cinema and theater, Peter Adam produced more than a hundred political and cultural documentaries, many of which won awards. His greatest success was to rehabilitate Eileen Gray's work in the eyes of the general public, thereby endowing her with a pioneering place in the landscape of modern design.

This table comes from Peter Adam’s collection, acquired from Prunella Clough who inherited it from Eileen Gray.

It was originally designed for the furnishings of Villa E-1027, in 1926, in Roquebrune Cap-Martin. From the end of the 1960s, a number of articles and exhibitions allowed for the rediscovery of Eileen Gray’s work. Some producers approached her to sell some of her creations. In 1973, Zeev Aram, founder of the Aram company, contacted her to ask if she would agree to producing some of her pieces in in industrial quantities.

She humbly accepted this final consecration, asking herself "if it was really worth it".

Zeev Aram managed to convince her and she worked on a greater number of editions of her pieces.

She was one of the first designers to create models for mass marketing and this table then became emblematic of her production. Later reissued, several versions exist with a black or chrome structure, a lacquered or glass plateau.

It is conceivable that this table was the prototype Eileen Gray made for Zeer Aram. It was not sold on May 25, 1980 with part of Eileen Gray’s Collection, nor in 1991.

Nevertheless, the unique provenance of this table as most certainly the prototype the artist kept for herself, makes it exceptional.


Eileen Gray et Peter Adam se rencontrent à la fin des années 60 à Paris.

Lui quitte Berlin en 1950 pour venir suivre des cours à La Sorbonne, elle vit dans son appartement de la rue Bonaparte dans l’isolement le plus absolue.

C’est Prunella Clough, nièce d’Eileen Gray, qui organise leur première rencontre.

Alors âgée de 82 ans et lui de 31 ans, une profonde amitié naîtra entre eux et jusqu’à la disparition de l’artiste en 1976.

Redécouverte tardivement au début des années 70, Eileen Gray est sollicitée par quelques éditeurs pour commercialiser certaines de ses créations.

Consécration ultime, Eileen Gray acceptera avec humilité, se demandant si cela en valait vraiment la peine.

Mais la voilà de nouveau au travail.

Notre table est le prototype réalisé vers 1970 de son iconique modèle conçu en 1926 pour la villa E1027 a Roquebrune Cap-Martin.

Il validera l’édition que Zeev Aram souhaite mettre au point pour la diffusion de son œuvre.

Eileen Gray conservera soigneusement ce prototype, au même titre que ses autres créations, dans son appartement de la rue Bonaparte.

Au décès de l’artiste Prunella Clough l’offrira à Peter Adam en signe de l’amitié qui l’unissait à Eileen Gray.

Il le conservera précieusement jusqu’à son décès en 2019.

Peter Adam contribuera grandement à réhabiliter l’oeuvre d’Eileen Gray en mettant en lumière son travail par la réalisation de documentaires, d’articles et par la publication de la biographie la plus complète parue à ce jour.

Notre table a la provenance exceptionnelle, est le symbole de l’admiration d’un homme qui n’aura eu de cesse de rendre sa place légitime à une artiste de génie.