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Property from a German Private Collection

An extraordinary assemblage of objects pertaining to the occult and witchcraft, 17th to 20th century

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May 18, 04:40 PM GMT


4,000 - 6,000 GBP

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Property from a German Private Collection

An extraordinary assemblage of objects pertaining to the occult and witchcraft

17th to 20th century

the collection including pamphlets, talismans, amulets and other occult objects contained in a casket with a hinged lid and doors opening to reveal a marbled paper interior with two short drawers

33cm. wide, 25cm. high, 25cm. deep; 1ft. 1in., 10in., 10in.

The contents comprising:

An English latten Apostle spoon, second half 16th century

A wood baton with a carved grotesque mask finial mounted with bone

A small Jerusalem mother-of-pearl inlaid cross, wrapped in red twine and another cross with two nails attached

A small bone cruciform reliquary

A small cross with twine and hammered nails

Two small carved bone skulls

Three bird talons

A preserved crows head with beak

Six wrought iron nails

An engraved silver-metal patriarchal cross, with pendant loop

A cast silver-metal crucifix, with pendant loop

A small silver pendant in the form of a key

A silver-metal pendant and chain, the pendant cast with a dragon and verso engraved with a star motif and the word SATAN

Two repoussé brass oval plaques each with a scene from the flagellation of Christ

Two thing silver repousse plaques depicting kneeling figures praying

A Damascened Rococo style hairpin, 18th century

A silver hat-pin, 19th century

A brass hat-pin, with cherub and heart finial

A small handstitched cloth ‘Voodoo’ doll, in linen bag

A small handstitched cloth ‘Voodoo’ doll, with hair and pins, in silk bag

A small handstitched cloth ‘Voodoo’ doll, fixed to a board, with nails and pins, in linen bag

A carved wax ‘Voodoo’ doll with tacks and pins, in parchment bag

A plaster/composite cast of a Gothic style wax seal

A small carved boxwood Christo Vivo between Saints, with lidded case

A carved wood Christo Morto, with brass fixing for hanging

A cut length of plaited hair

A printed cotton bag containing a small group of manuscript fragments

A small lidded wood box with nine various nails and tacks

A small silver and wood pendant cross

Part of a metal button

A pressed metal ‘claw’ spangle

Three small composite votive figures

A cut-brass pentagram

A gilt-metal watch key

A pair of polished steel sewing scissors

A small hollow-cast silver taper-stick

A gilt-bronze mount in the form of a gargoyle

Three small stained wood spikes

A moulded wax plaque of the Virgin & Christ child

A miniature Venetian glass goblet, from a dolls house

Two cast-wax male figures in 17th century costume

Five metal finger rings, one hardstone mounted

A steel knife, the blade marked ‘A.M.’

A bracelet of chord threaded with bones and metal mask pendant

An Asian fragment of bone carved with a skeleton

A brass token engraved with a depiction of Christ and Cyrillic text

An engraved brass pendant with hanging loop and serrated border

A cast metal pendant depicting a Saint, with hanging loop

A silver-metal pendant engraved CONIAGREAT and verso IRDE, with hanging loop

A small brass oval pendant from a rosary

A brass cast pendant in the form of the Virgin and Christ Child, with matrix engraved ‘ID’

A cast-bronze cross on stand

Two paper scrolls

A piece of bone carved to a point and pierced for use as an amulet

A silver-metal reliquary with glazed hinged compartment concealing the Virgin and Christ child

A silver-metal hinged snuff box containing a smooth pebble, the lid with armorial

A silver-metal glazed pendant and chain containing a paper fragment with manuscript diagram and text, the border of the pendant in the form of an ouroboros

Two small glass bottles with corks

A glazed pendant with disc of paper printed with a Papal Saint

An engraved silver pendant-reliquary of rectangular form dated 1765, folded inscribed paper to the interior

A brass disc engraved with an ouroboros and tree, with integral pendant loop

A brass disc engraved with concentric circles of text centred by a crucifix

A carved wood figa pendant

An ‘angelic scrying mirror’ with two glazed discs containing text in manuscript in concentric circles and mirror

A small silver tumbler cup, probably German

A rosary of turned wood beads and metal bells

A bentwood box, with papered label to the lid inked ‘Geheime Sachen’

Another bentwood box, with inked paper label to the lid

A bentwood box containing a collection of animal teeth

A dried seed case

A cast ‘Ancient’ style coin

A fragment of vellum with manuscript text and symbols

A set of eight miniature brass bells with glass clappers

A silver-metal conjoined double cannister, each lid with a cruciform finial

A black scrying mirror in fold-over leather case

Seven bound pamphlets/documents with text in manuscript

A metal-mounted green leather document case with two concertina compartments containing clippings and cut-prints

A Continental double-cased silver-metal watch with chain and fob-tassels, 19th century

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