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Property of Grateful Dead Productions

Wall of Sound | Weir’s cab

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October 14, 06:44 PM GMT


2,000 - 3,000 USD

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Property of Grateful Dead Productions

Wall of Sound

Speaker cabinet used by Bob Weir onstage with the Grateful Dead

2x12 speaker cabinet (13 x 28 x 16’’). Wood, birch plywood, black cloth grill cover, with American flag sticker on rear.

Handmade at Alembic by the Grateful Dead road crew, the speakers used in the Dead’s legendary 75-ton Wall of Sound were designed and built to provide the fidelity of studio monitors in cabinets robust enough to withstand hard touring. The signature heavy lugs securing the speaker surrounds were an innovation, allowing speakers to be quickly changed out without harming the cabinets or causing undue delays if a speaker was to blowout or malfunction in concert.