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Property of Grateful Dead Productions

Jerry Garcia | Jerry’s original twin

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October 14, 06:07 PM GMT


2,000 - 3,000 USD

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Property of Grateful Dead Productions

Jerry Garcia

Fender Twin Reverb Blackface, modified with Gauss Speakers, used just prior to the Wall of Sound

Speaker shell (9 x 26 x 20”). Fender Electric Instrument Co., black tolex and pine, “G9” painted on top, with custom speaker mount by Steve Parish for 2 Gauss speakers; lacks amp.

"Big" Steve Parish: "This Fender Twin shell was Jerry’s original Twin Reverb. We modified it by changing the Masonite front board for 14- ply plywood to mount the speakers. It was covered in tie-dye at one time and used by Jerry up until 1972, housing his main stage amplifier. When we went to the Wall of Sound configuration, we removed the amplifier as it was a pre-CBS amp. That amp stayed with Jerry the entire time and was mounted with another twin to power his Budman 2300 power amp."