Rare Whisky & Moutai Live | Including The Black Bowmore “Archive Cabinet”

Rare Whisky & Moutai Live | Including The Black Bowmore “Archive Cabinet”

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Black Bowmore Archive Cabinet Direct From Bowmore (5 BT)

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April 18, 04:54 AM GMT


2,400,000 - 5,000,000 HKD

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Black Bowmore Archive Cabinet 


An exceptionally rare collection of Black Bowmore single malt, direct from Bowmore distillery on Islay, housed in a unique handcrafted Cabinet, itself a functioning bar.


Celebrating the pioneering spirit of the distillery and the story of the iconic Black Bowmore, each element of the Archive Cabinet tells a story of time and evolution. From the repurposing of former elements of the distillation process to taking inspiration from colours, textures and patterns witnessed around the distillery and across Islay.

The Cabinet houses five rare bottles of Black Bowmore, bottled between 1993 and 2016 and includes set of solid brass coasters, six hand- made glasses and a water jug.


A complete distillery owned collection of Black Bowmore from first release to last (1993-2016).

First edition:

·     Release Date: 1993

·     Age: 29 Years

·     Number of bottles: 2000

·     Bottle No. 819

Second Edition

·     Release Date: 1994

·     Age: 30 Years

·     Number of bottles: 2000

·     Bottle: No.1

Third Edition

·     Release Date: 1995

·     Age: 31 Years

·     Number of bottles: 1812

·     Bottle No.7


Fourth Edition

·     Release Date: 2007

·     Age: 42 Years

·     Number of bottles: 827

·     Bottle No.2

Fifth Edition

·     Release date: 2016

·     Age: 50 Years

·     Number of bottles: 159

·     Bottle No.72 


Inspired by the heart and soul of Islay, and the Bowmore distillery itself, the Archive Cabinet connects back to these in every aspect of its creation. Created by master craftsman John Galvin, this is a true piece of history; capturing the people, place and process which has made Bowmore what it is today.

Featuring authentic elements of the distillery itself including:

·     Original brass spirit safe installed in 1924 used in the production of Black Bowmore and replaced in 2020, after just under a century of use, is used on the exterior and its brass levers act as handles.

·     Washback wood from washback No. I replaced in 2019 are used for the drawers, with the iron band marking still intact

·     4 key elements of Bowmore frozen in time; water, barley, Islay peat and wood are captured through solid acrylic pillars

·     Bespoke glasses, water jug and the glass pillars crafted using the Venetian buttato process in Scotland by artisan glass makers Glasstorm

·     7 bespoke solid brass coasters designed by John Galvin

·     A one-off book and sketches set which details the journey of Black

Bowmore over its five releases and the creation of the cabinet

The Cabinet will be dismantled for final transit, John Galvin will set up the final cabinet in the auction winner's home


As a VIP guest of David Turner, Bowmore Distillery Manager, the buyer (2-4 guests included at the buyer's choice) will be invited to Islay (at their own expense) to enjoy a private guided tour of the distillery , showcasing the ingredients and processes which go into creating the unique taste of Bowmore Single Malt Scotch Whisky. This will reveal the true inspiration for this one-off Archive Cabinet and share the enriching story of Black Bowmore and the Bowmore distillery.

This includes an exclusive tour of the legendary No 1 Vaults, the world’s oldest maturation warehouse that sits on the edge of Loch Indaal. Here guests will enjoy a special cask tasting to discover the magical character of Bowmore direct from the cask. As part of the visit, guests will have unlimited behind the scenes access to the Distillery; exploring all facets of Bowmore Whisky – from the old fashioned floor maltings to the deep dark warehouses. This invitation is valid until 2030 and is non-transferable.