Summer Jewels: A Brilliant Menagerie

Summer Jewels: A Brilliant Menagerie

View full screen - View 1 of Lot 8033. Chopard | 'Animal World' Diamond, Sapphire and Onyx Bear Ring | 蕭邦 | 'Animal World' 鑽石 配 藍寶石 及 縞瑪瑙 戒指.

Chopard | 'Animal World' Diamond, Sapphire and Onyx Bear Ring | 蕭邦 | 'Animal World' 鑽石 配 藍寶石 及 縞瑪瑙 戒指

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August 5, 03:33 AM GMT


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'Animal World' Diamond, Sapphire and Onyx Bear Ring


蕭邦 | 'Animal World' 鑽石 配 藍寶石 及 縞瑪瑙 戒指

Designed as a bear, set with brilliant-cut diamonds with cabochon sapphire-set eyes and onyx nose, size 5,signed Chopard, numbered.

In 2010, Chopard created 150 pieces of unique jewellery to commemorate its 150th anniversary. The Artistic Director of Chopard, Caroline Scheufele, brought the Animal World collection to being for this celebration and it features a whimsical selection of creatures that ranged from the common to the imaginary. In the process of bringing this bestiary to life, Scheufele explored many avenues to create remarkable pieces that were original and aesthetically pleasing.


Featuring household pets like cats, to exotic animals such as birds of paradise, and even mystical beasts like the dragon; this extraordinary anniversary collection attests to Chopard’s genius in the fields of jewellery making and watchmaking. Within the anniversary collection, there are 15 watches of unique and original design; two of which are featured in this sale, including the diamond and sapphire Owl watch and the diamond and enamel Happy Sport Turtle watch. These incredible pieces will surely bring colour to each day, no matter how ordinary it may be.


珠宝世家萧邦( Chopard )成立于1860年,2010年正值品牌创办150周年,萧邦因而乘势推出150件独一无二的珠宝,以兹纪念。在萧邦艺术总监卡萝琳・舍费尔(Caroline Scheufele)的统筹下,“动物世界” 系列面世,里面包罗大自然中常见的动物,亦有各种奇珍异兽和想象中的生物。为了使这个系列能够栩栩如生地呈现人前,舍费尔通过不同的渠道集思广益,制作出别具一格却又不失美感的珠宝。

她从专门的百科全书阅读到中国月历,以确保系列里的动物涵盖地球的每一个角落。家中的宠物猫、异域的天堂鸟、只存在于神话中的龙都成为这次周年纪念盛事的一份子。为了凸显萧邦在珠宝及制表工艺方面精益求精,这个周年系列还包括15枚独特的原创时计。其中2枚在今次拍卖中登场,其中一枚是钻石及蓝宝石猫头鹰造型时计,另外一枚是钻石及珐琅“Happy Sport”海龟造型时计。这个匠心独运的系列囊括世间万物,尽显自然百态的魅力,为平淡的日常生活增添一抹生动的色彩。