Two Centuries: American Art

Two Centuries: American Art

Two Centuries: American Art

The Tree of the Owl

101 The Tree of the Owl


102 Downtown

Winter, Washington Square

103 Winter, Washington Square


104 Automobile


105 Two-on-Two

Untitled (Two Seated Figures)

106 Untitled (Two Seated Figures)

Startled Nude

107 Startled Nude

Still Life with Seven Objects

108 Still Life with Seven Objects

Cactus, Century Plant

109 Cactus, Century Plant

River Movement

110 River Movement

Grain Elevators

111 Grain Elevators

The Ultimate Purple Barn

112 The Ultimate Purple Barn

The Four Freedoms

113 The Four Freedoms

Christmas is Here: A Christmas Card

114 Christmas is Here: A Christmas Card

Figure Study

115 Figure Study

Park Scene (The Park)

116 Park Scene (The Park)

Bouquet on Red Tablecloth

117 Bouquet on Red Tablecloth

The Cheyenne

118 The Cheyenne

Racing the Steam Train

119 Racing the Steam Train

An Arab

120 An Arab

Two Indians on Horseback

121 Two Indians on Horseback

A Winter Day

122 A Winter Day

Abandoned Sawmill

123 Abandoned Sawmill


124 Margaret

The Valley

125 The Valley

Wind Gap Mills

126 Wind Gap Mills

Strolling in Washington Square

127 Strolling in Washington Square


128 Billboard

Stock Exchange

129 Stock Exchange

Swathed Youth

130 Swathed Youth

Compositional Nude

131 Compositional Nude

The Covered Bridge

132 The Covered Bridge

Gray Fall Day

133 Gray Fall Day

Untitled (Head of a Man)

134 Untitled (Head of a Man)

Indian Country

135 Indian Country

Signal of Surrender

136 Signal of Surrender

Evening Camp

137 Evening Camp

From Sogne Fjord, Norway

138 From Sogne Fjord, Norway

The Song

139 The Song


141 Flowers

Boating on the Susquehanna

142 Boating on the Susquehanna

Portrait of Miss B.

143 Portrait of Miss B.

Conversation in the Forest

144 Conversation in the Forest

Man in Top Hat

145 Man in Top Hat

The Hansoms in Winter

146 The Hansoms in Winter

Late Winter

147 Late Winter

Dame en robe blanche

148 Dame en robe blanche

Armistice Day

149 Armistice Day