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SEA CHARTS | The English Pilot. Parts 1-4, 4 volumes, 1743-1740-1750-1742

SEA CHARTS | The English Pilot. Parts 1-4, 4 volumes, 1743-1740-1750-1742

SEA CHARTS | The English Pilot. Parts 1-4, 4 volumes, 1743-1740-1750-1742


The English Pilot [Parts 1-4]. London: for William Mount and Thomas Page, 1743-1740-1750-1742

4 volumes, folio (480 x 310mm.), engraved maps, contemporary sheep, the maps loose, most sheets soiled at foot, bindings defective, sold with all faults not subject to return

The set comprises:

Part I. Describing ... the Southern Navigation upon the coasts of England, Scotland, Ireland, Holland, Flanders, Spain, Portugal, to the streights mouth; with the coasts of Barbary, and off to the Canary, Madera, Cape de Verde and Western Islands. London: for William Mount and Thomas Page, 1743, 24 engraved charts

The Second Part. Describing ... the whole Northern Navigation .. the art of navigation ... the north coast of England and Scotland, with the islands of Orkney, Shetland, Lewis, Farre, Iceland &c. The sea coast of Flanders, Zealand, Holland, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Lapland, Russia, the islands of Vaigats, and Nova Zembla, as far as the Tartarian Sea. Also Greenland, Trinity Island, Cherry Island, Hope Island, &c. Sea coasts of Sweden, East Finland, Lyfland, Prussia, Pomerina &c. With all the islands belonging to the said countries in the Baltick sea. London: for William Mount and Thomas Page, 1740, 32 engraved charts

Part III. Describing the ... whole Mediterranean Sea. London: for W. and J. Mount and T. Page, 1750, 33 engraved charts

The Fourth Book. Describing the West-India Navigation, from Hudson’s-Bay to the River Amazones ... with all the islands therein as Jamaica, Cuba, Hispanola, Barbadoes, Antingua, Bermudos, Port-Rico, and the rest of the Caribee Bahama and Bahama islands. Also, a new description of Newfoundland, New England, New York, East and West New Jersey, Dellevar Bay, Virginia, Maryland, and Carolina &c. London for William Mount and Thomas Page, 1742, title printed in red and black, 27 engraved maps, many folding (see list below), without the map of the Gulf of Darien

List of maps in volume 4

Halley, A New and Correct Chart

A New Generall Chart for the West Indies, double-page

A General Chart of the Western Ocean, double-page

Sea Coast of New Found Land etc, double-page

Casco Bay, double-page

Coast of New-Found-Land, double-page, folding

Newfoundland from Bay of Bulls, double-page

Harbor Grace, recto

Bay Bulls, verso

Cattalina Harbor, recto

Port Bonavista, verso

Island of St Peter’s, in text

Coast of New England, double-page, folding

A draught of New York, double-page

Virginia, Maryland etc, double-page, folding

A draught of Virginia, double-page

Barbados, in text

Antegua, in text

Carolina, in text

Caribe Islands, double-page

Hispaniola, double-page, folding

Bay of Matanzas, single-page

Jamaica, double-page

Bahama Islands, double-page

Bermuda, in text

A draught of the Coast of Guiana, Surinam etc, double-page

Trading part of the West Indies, double-page, folding

Sold with all faults, not subject to return

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