"THE STUART CORONATION CUP", An engraved goblet and cover celebrating the coronation of George VI and Queen Elizabeth, 1937

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"THE STUART CORONATION CUP", An engraved goblet and cover celebrating the coronation of George VI and Queen Elizabeth, 1937

with lion mask handles, with hollow thistle finial and stem enclosing coins supported on a square foot, the cup-shaped bowl engraved with crowned initials between supporters, extensively inscribed, the cover engraved with a spider's web and inscribed for the Stuart Kings of Scotland, 1057 to 1306

Edition: 25

height: 32cm; diameter: 15cm.

The front of the bowl is engraved with the English Crown and entwining monogram GRE: George Rex and Elizabeth Regina. This monogram is surrounded by sprays of Oak and Thistle; badges of the Stuart Kings. The thistle is also the emblem of Scotland. On either side of the sprays are the Scottish Lions rampant and the ribbon bears the words "THE CORONATION OF A STUART KING, May 12th, 1937". Around the base: For the Stuart the Oak or the thistle but never the laurel is seen through a badge evergreen." Above the crown: "God Save the King" Reverse side: "A DHIA, GLEIDH AN RIGH" is the inscription in Gaelic translated. On the opposite panel: "The Coronation of a a Stuart King, May 12th, 1937" and the same in Gaelic viz. "Crunadh Righ, Stiubhartaich, An Dara La Deug Den Cheitein, Air A' Bhiadhna Mile Naoi Ceud Seachd Deug Air Fhichead An Deidh Breith Chriosd." Left: "Mist or Shine the Sun is there". RIght, same in gaelic: "Ma's Ceo No Ma's Gile, Tha A'Ghrian 'Na Haite". Cover is engraved with the names of the early Scottish Kings, beginning with Malcolm, 1057, followed by Robert the Bruce, 1306, a spider in the web showing his association with the well known story of Bruce and the Spider. Robert the Steward, 1371, James I, 1603, George V, 1910 and the top of the Thistle has the royal Crown and George VI 1936, whom God Preserve.