MayDay: Covid-19 Charity Auction

MayDay: Covid-19 Charity Auction

View full screen - View 1 of Lot 10. Private Virtual Conversation with Apollo 9 Astronaut Russell Schweickart.

Private Virtual Conversation with Apollo 9 Astronaut Russell Schweickart

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May 8, 06:24 PM GMT


100 - 1,000,000 USD

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A private conversation with Apollo 9 astronaut Russell Schweickart, the first spacewalker of the Apollo program, and co-founder of both the Association of Space Explorers and the B612 Foundation, an organization dedicated to defending Earth from asteroid impacts.

Schweickart served as lunar module pilot for Apollo 9, March 3-13, 1969, logging 241 hours in space. During a 46 minute EVA (Extra-Vehicular Activity, or Spacewalk), the first of the Apollo program, Schweickart tested the portable life support backpack which was subsequently used on the lunar surface explorations. Read more about Schweickart’s incredible accomplishments and career here (

This experience can be enjoyed by the winning bidder and up to 10 guests for a maximum of 60 minutes.

Space images - Photo credit: NASA