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4.49卡拉 心形 艷彩粉紅色 內部無瑕(IF) 鑽石 配 鑽石 戒指

Set with a heart modified brilliant-cut fancy vivid pink diamond weighing 4.49 carats, flanked by pear-shaped diamonds, mounted in 18 karat white gold, size 5½.

Accompanied by GIA report no. 2205859856, dated 10 February 2020, stating that the diamond is Fancy Vivid Pink, Natural Colour, Internally Flawless.

Pink is a delicate colour by nature; sweet, romantic and affectionate. Universally associated with love for oneself and others, reminiscent of friendship and harmony. Often considered a soft and comforting colour, but as the saturation grows stronger, the more passion and energy it exhibits. A versatile colour, full of positivity and charm.

The diversity of pink hues create an element of individuality within each pink diamond. Pink diamonds often have a secondary colour such as orange, purple or brown which modifies its predominantly pink colour. Whilst these modifying colours are just as attractive and valuable, pink diamonds with no modifying colours are most rare. Colours appear different in a given hue range depending on their tone and saturation, only at a few specific saturations and tones are they classified as pink within the hue range of reddish purple to orange. Lot 1807 embraces the most idyllic hue, tone and saturation, receiving the highest colour grading from GIA for pink diamonds, fancy vivid pink, one of the most coveted of coloured diamonds.

Over centuries, pink diamonds have been discovered in several localities, including India, Brazil, Tanzania and even Indonesia and South Africa, however, since the late 1980s, the supply mainly came from the Argyle mine in Australia, which occasionally produced red diamonds. The Argyle Diamond Mine has produced over 800 million carats of rough diamonds yet only less than 1% of the total production are pink diamond roughs. Even with the discovery of this relatively stable mine, the production of pink diamonds in the early 2000s represented 10,000 carats of the 23 to 30 million carats of rough production from the mine. Out of the 10,000 carats, fewer than 10% weighed more than 0.20 carat. Lot 1807 boasts a respectable 4.49 carat weight, which is even more rare when considering its fancy vivid colour grading and internally flawless clarity.

Even among coloured diamonds, pink diamonds are particularly mysterious. Theories dive deep into the crystal structure of the unique stone. Unlike other coloured diamonds, there is no evidence that pink diamonds receive their colour from trace elements such as nitrogen in yellow diamonds and boron in blue diamonds but rather through colour centres within the crystal structure which selectively absorbs light. They are the result of an atomic-level lattice defect, or unusual arrangement of the atoms in a crystal. These defects occasionally cause pink graining in the diamond crystal. A great display of a perfect imperfection. Without these structural abnormalities, the sweet, saturated colour of pink diamonds would not be present. The intensity of the colour depends on the amount of pink graining present. The colour is generally concentrated within parallel narrow bands called glide planes which diamond cutters intricately orient perpendicular to the table in order to maximize body colour.

Pink diamonds tend to be included, according to a GIA study, only 7% of 691 diamonds examined were in the Flawless or Internally Flawless grades. A large percentage of pink diamonds receive slightly included (SI) or included (I) clarity gradings but are still prized for their stunning and attractive colour. Lot 1807 is one of the rare internally flawless pink diamonds in the world, further enhancing its rarity. Pink diamonds may exhibit fractures or cleavages as well as mineral inclusions, sometimes even dark, opaque graphite spots, or other crystal inclusions and are also prone to both internal and surface graining, which can appear as either linear patterns or overall haziness to the stone, both may affect the colour and the clarity grading.

The principal importance when valuing a coloured diamond incontrovertibly lies with the colour. Lot 1807 goes above and beyond depicting an endearing heart-shape, internally flawless clarity and most importantly, stunning fancy vivid pink colour, accentuating the immaculate nature of this highly collectable coloured diamond.





一般來說,粉紅色鑽石由於內部紋理的影響,淨度通常不會太高。而粉紅鑽形成所需的極端環境及它們穿梭到地殻表面所經歷的旅程也對其淨度有一定影響。據GIA實驗室記錄,691顆送檢的粉紅色鑽石中僅有7%為無暇或者內部無暇的級別。因為美麗稀有的顏色,大部分級別為SI或者I級別的粉色鑽石仍然價值不菲。此次上拍Lot 1807擁有極高的內部無暇淨度,十分罕有。