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September 16, 12:26 AM GMT


20,000 - 30,000 USD

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Win a chance to join Grammy-Award winning rapper and actor Big Daddy Kane for a virtual wine tasting, where together you will explore a selection of European and Californian red wines.

Arrangements for the purchase of 6 bottles of wine from a local retailer for delivery to your home will be provided as part of the experience. Please contact us if additional bottles are needed for any guests who may be joining you remotely, at an additional cost (subject to the same or similar wines being available in that location). For your records, a separate receipt will be furnished to evidence your purchase.

This experience may be enjoyed by you and 3 friends for up to 60 minutes. 

On September 10th 1968, Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn gave birth to one of Hip Hop’s most lyrical, diverse, innovative, trendsetting M.C.'s known by many attributes such as Dark Gable, Black Caesar and King Asiatic Nobody's Equal but, known to the world as Big Daddy Kane. 

The baritone voiced, stylish M.C. was one of the first to bring the "playa" element to Hip Hop, and along with Bobby Brown and Michael Jordan put dark skin back on the map. Big Daddy Kane was the first rapper to ever hold not one but two sold out shows at the world-famous Apollo Theater for women only. He has been feature in magazines from Right On to the Source, as well as the infamous Madonna Sex book (features Kane half nude with Madonna and Naomi Campbell), and in the words of the late Big Pun, “Kane is not only a playa, he just crush a lot” (referring to his rapid fire, metaphoric battle rap style).

The Hip Hop legend has garnered several gold albums in his long career, including Long Live The Kane, It's A Big Daddy Thing, Taste Of Chocolate, and Prince of Darkness, and was awarded a Grammy in 1990 for his work on “Back on the Block”, and nominated for another Grammy for his single “I Get the Job Done.” He has made numerous film appearances, including in "Posse," "Meteor Man," "Dead Heist," “Love 4 Sale,” “Just Another Day” and most recently “My Name is Nobody,” “Movie Madness” and “Exposed.”

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