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Petrus 1961 (2 MAG)

Petrus 1961 (2 MAG)

Petrus 1961 (2 MAG)

Petrus 1961


u. 1 bn, 1 vts, slightly bin soiled labels, capsules slightly worn, 1 slightly sunken cork, 1 slight sign of old seepage

A fascinating fact about this wine is that it finished its alcoholic fermentation in Spring 1962, with the malolactic following in the summer! Incredible curranty nose with a slight affinity with Port. So rich and “earthy”, in a totally refined way. Damp earth after rain. Amazing, almost “Porty” wine on the palate. Yet such fresh fruit at the end. Immense. Serena Sutcliffe, MW

WA 100

1962年春天完成酒精發酵後,在夏天進行了蘋果酸乳酸發酵! 美不勝收的醋栗香,略似砵酒。口感豐厚,有泥土味,感覺細膩雅緻。雨後濕土氣息。令人驚嘆,入口近如波特酒。收結卻有清新的水果香氣。施慧娜(葡萄酒大師M.W.)

2 mags (sc)

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