American Art

26 June 202010:00 EDT

New York

Auction Closed

Auction Closed

Auction Closed

American Art

American Art

American Art

34 results sorted by Lot number (low to high)

34 results sorted by

Lot number (low to high)

Love Rat

1 Love Rat

Banksquiat (Black)

2 Banksquiat (Black)

Gangsta Rat (Green)

3 Gangsta Rat (Green)

Laugh Now

4 Laugh Now

Choose your Weapon (Silver)

5 Choose your Weapon (Silver)

Flower Thrower Triptych (Grey)

6 Flower Thrower Triptych (Grey)

No Ball Games (Green)

7 No Ball Games (Green)

Stop and Search

8 Stop and Search

Bomb Love

9 Bomb Love

Jack & Jill

10 Jack & Jill


11 Barcode 

Laugh Now

12 Laugh Now

Monkey Queen

13 Monkey Queen

Pulp Fiction

14 Pulp Fiction

Love is in the Air

15 Love is in the Air


16 HMV

Girl with Balloon

17 Girl with Balloon


18 Napalm

Toxic Mary

19 Toxic Mary

Happy Chopper

20 Happy Chopper


21 Flag

Jack & Jill

22 Jack & Jill

Love Is In The Air

23 Love Is In The Air


24 Morons


25 Barcode


26 Applause

Flying Copper

27 Flying Copper

Donuts Chocolate

28 Donuts Chocolate

Bomb Middle England

29 Bomb Middle England


30 Grannies

Weston Super Mare

31 Weston Super Mare

Happy Chopper

32 Happy Chopper

Golf Sale

33 Golf Sale

Morons Sepia

34 Morons Sepia