36 WORKS ABOUT HAYEK, 1964-2008
36 WORKS ABOUT HAYEK, 1964-2008
36 WORKS ABOUT HAYEK, 1964-2008
36 WORKS ABOUT HAYEK, 1964-2008

36 WORKS ABOUT HAYEK, 1964-2008

Estimate: 200 - 300 GBP

36 WORKS ABOUT HAYEK, 1964-2008

Estimate: 200 - 300 GBP

Lot Sold:3,250GBP

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Ancient or Modern. London: Institute of Economic Affairs, 1964. second edition;

Machlup, Fritz (ed.). Essays on Hayek. New York: New York University Press, 1976;

Seldon, Arthur. The Coming Confrontation. London: Institute of Economic Affairs, 1978;

Hayek, Friedrich A. A Tiger by the Tail. Compiled and Introduced by Sudha R. Shenoy. San Francisco: CATO Institute, 1979;

Hayek’s ‘Serfdom’ Revisited. London: Institute of Economic Affairs, 1984;

Butler, Eamonn. Hayek: His contribution to the political and economic thought of our time. New York: Universe Books, 1985. 2 copies, one with compliment slip from author;

Leube, Kurt R. and Albert H. Zlabinger. The Political Economy of Freedom Essays in Honour of F.A. Hayek. Munich: Philosophia, 1985;

Moldofsky, Naomi. Order- With or Without Design? London: Centre for Research into Communist Economies, 1989;

Wood, John Cunningham and Ronald N. Woods. Friedrich A. Hayek: Critical Assessments. London: Routledge, 1991. 4 volumes;

Szociálpolitikai értesitő 1993/1-2. Budapest: MTA Szociológiai Intézet, 1993;

Birner, Jack and Rudy Van Zijp (ed). Hayek, Co-ordination and evolution. London: Routledge, 1994;

Seldon, Arthur. The State is Rolling Back. London: Economic & Literary Books, 1994;

Frei, Christoph and Robert Nef (ed.). Contending with Hayek. Bern: Peter Lang, 1994;

Cubeddu, Raimondo. Friedrich Hayek, Friedrich A. Edited by Stephen Kresge and Leif Wenar. Hayek on Hayek. Chicago: The University of Chicago Press, 1994. 2 copies;

Cubeddu, Raimondo. Friedrich A. von Hayek. Rome: Borla, 1995;

Hartwell, R.M. A History of the Mont Pelerin Society. Indianapolis: Liberty Fund, 1995;

Gamble Andrew. Hayek: The Iron Cage of Liberty. Cambridge: Polity Press, 1996;

Frowen, Stephen F. (ed.). Hayek: Economist and Social Philosopher. London: Macmillan Press, 1997;

Mises, Ludwig von. President’s Essays. Washington: The Heritage Foundation, 1998;

Raybould, John. Hayek: Un Álbum Conmemorativo. London: Adam Smith Institute, 1998;

Raybould, John. Hayek: A Commemorative Album. London: Adam Smith Institute, 1998. seven copies;

Raybould, John. Friedrich A. von Hayek: La Vicenda Intellettuale Del Più Grande Scienziato Sociale Del Nostro Secolo. Rome: Rubbettino, 1999;

Hans Jörg Hennecke. Friedrich August Von Hayek: die Tradition der Freiheit. Düsseldorf: Wirtschaft und Finanzen, 2000;

The Mont Pelerin Society. Membership Directory. 2001;

Ebenstein, Alan. Friedrich Hayek. New York: Palgrave, 2001. Inscribed by the author;

Hayek, Friedrich A. (ed.). Capitalism and The Historians. London: Routledge, 2003. reprint;

Caldwell, Bruce. Hayek’s Challenge. Chicago: The University of Chicago Press, 2004. inscribed by the author;

Blundell, John. Margaret Thatcher: A Portrait of the Iron Lady. New York: Algora Publishing 2008. inscribed by the author;

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Friedrich von Hayek: His Nobel Prize and Family Collection
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