A 2.20 Carat Pear-Shaped Diamond, F Color, Internally Flawless

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July 20, 04:07 PM GMT


30,000 - 40,000 USD

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Accompanied by GIA report no. 2161042670 stating that the diamond is F color, Internally Flawless. 

This diamond is especially notable for its combination of near-perfect color and clarity. Since diamonds are formed over centuries, enduring great heat and pressure deep within the earth, they often include slight mineral inclusions that can hinder a stone’s sparkle. But with a clarity grade of IF, or Internally Flawless, this diamond is virtually free from any inclusions, so it radiates an impeccably pure, brilliant light. The refined teardrop shape would make for a very chic pendant, with minimal metal to let this diamond’s natural beauty shine. 

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