Countach LP 400 S by Bertone


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  • Extensive mechanical and bodywork by Italian marque experts in 2022, including complete engine-out overhaul, electrical work.
  • Recently refinished in Tahiti Blue, an exceedingly rare original color for the Countach.
  • Understood to be one of just 105 Series II Countach LP 400 S examples produced.
  • Retains its original beige leather upholstery.
  • Delivered new to Switzerland; maintained in Europe for its entire life.

Within the scope of the model’s twenty-six-year-long production run, Lamborghini’s iconic Countach is easily divisible into several different models, and further distinct series of cars can be identified within those. The example offered here is an LP 400 S, with chassis number 1121296 falling within the second series of LP 400 S production. These cars are recognizable for their smooth-finish wheels and lower suspension setting, as compared to the third-series cars, which feature a slightly raised suspension. Amongst the rarest variant of Countach, 237 LP 400 S were produced, and 105 of those fall within the second series of production.

The Countach was built to European specifications and delivered new to Switzerland, finished in red over a beige leather interior. After remaining in Switzerland for the vast majority of its life, the car was acquired from its second owner by the most recent private owner in 2005. Aside from an engine overhaul undertaken by the first owner, which was completed by a Swiss Lamborghini specialist, the car reportedly remained in largely unrestored and original condition throughout. Driven approximately 5,000 kilometers by that owner over 10 years, it was regularly serviced during this time by an official Lamborghini distributor.

In 2015, Jean Guikas became the Countach’s fourth documented owner, and it was acquired by the consignor from his collection in 2021. A longtime Lamborghini enthusiast with Italian roots, his family has restored various significant Lamborghinis over the years and claims to own one of the first Espadas produced, said to have been delivered to them by Ferruccio Lamborghini himself in 1968.

Upon the consignor’s acquisition, it was decided that the Countach would undergo some cosmetic and mechanical refurbishment. Some €71,000 EUR was spent on the car, with work being entrusted to the same Italian craftsmen who do work for Lamborghini Polo Storico, Top Motors Salvioli and Carrozzeria Meschiari. This included stripping and repainting the car in Tahiti Blue, a rare and desirable color for a Countach, while leaving the original beige interior untouched. Considering the car’s recent work, it is now ready to be driven and enjoyed, and would surely attract lots of attention while out and about.

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Countach LP 400 S by Bertone

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