Kelly Sellier 28 – Chocolat « Takeami » Act III Chocolat Yarn Embroidery by Jay Ahr

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Hermès Kelly Sellier 28 – Chocolat

Leather Weaving by Jay Ahr

Model: Kelly Sellier Bag

Size: 28cm

Condition: PrIstine

Provenance: Tokyo, Japan

Composition: Leather weaving & Box leather

Hardware: Gold plated

The art of weaving is as old as society itself, dating back at least 27,000 years and has been known throughout all the great civilisations. Whether by hand or using the latest industrial machines, the woven piece is intuitively human. Drawing inspiration from ‘Takeami’ the Japanese craft of bamboo basket weaving often refined over multiple generations of a single family, Jay Ahr celebrates both the ancient and modern; grassroots simplicity and timeless elegance, by its application of hand woven leather patterns embellishing the structured form. This bag is a Hermès Kelly Sellier 28 bag cast in Gold, first produced in 1977, with a design that pays homage to a flower basket by master weaver Wada Rinshi. Detailed with gold plated hardware, the bag stands tall on protective feet with a clochette, keys, lock and is carried by a single shoulder strap. The smooth Box Leather gives a firm hold creating the structural lines synonymous with the Sellier.

Inspired by the exquisite style and craftsmanship of Takeami - Japanese Bamboo Art - this piece follows the time-honored, traditional techniques of basket weaving. In particular the more irregular So cursive style that brings out the natural rustic beauty of the raw material.

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Height: 8.66 inches / 22 cm
Width: 11.02 inches / 28 cm
Depth: 3.94 inches / 10 cm