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  • Offered from twelve years of single ownership.
  • Said to have been delivered new to California.
  • Fiat’s iconic beach car; a perfect seaside runabout.

The original Fiat 500’s importance to the Italian automobile industry, and Italy itself, in the post-World War II landscape cannot be understated. It put Italians on the road and helped bring Fiat and the Italian automotive industry back to life after the war. Of the model’s many variants, perhaps the most beloved is the 500 Jolly. Losing its doors and roof in favor of a surrey top and wicker seats, this was the perfect beachside transport in sunny locales across Europe, and still remains as the perfect port to town and back again transport nearly seventy years later. Powered by a 479 cc two-cylinder engine mated to a four-speed transmission, considering the car’s lightweight nature, the Jolly is more than capable of transporting the driver and a few friends to the beach and back in enviable style.

Acquired by the current owner twelve years ago and said to have been delivered new to Los Angeles, it presents incredibly well, with its odometer showing 6,313 miles at the time of cataloguing. Approximately 200 miles have been covered in its current ownership.

Arguably one of the cutest cars on four wheels, there’s nothing else that will put a smile on the face of drivers, passengers, and passersby like a Fiat Jolly.

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