Theo Fennell

A Magnificent Silver and Silver-Gilt Game Bird Chess Set, Theo Fennell, London, 2018

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the pieces realistically modelled in silver and 24ct parcel-gilt silver as game-birds preparing to take flight, undersides of bases applied with leather disks, large board and four travel cases for pieces, the pieces modelled as follows: 

King - Cock Pheasant

Queen - Hen Pheasant

Bishop - Grouse

Knight - Partridge

Rook - Teal

Pawns - Snipe and Woodcock


Theo Fennell Ltd. London

Catalogue Note

This impressive set was designed and conceived in Theo Fennell's London workshop in 2018. A celebration of sporting birds taking flight, the fine modelling, casting, chasing and gilding are a testament to the craftsmanship and skill that the company has become so well-known for over the past 40 years. Whilst the large scale of the set may lend itself to permanent display, the four fitted travelling cases, stamped with the retailers monogram 'TF', allow for convenient storage and travel options. 

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