A gilt-bronze figure of Padmapani, Tang Dynasty

唐 鎏金銅蓮華手觀音坐像


A gilt-bronze figure of Padmapani
Tang Dynasty
唐 鎏金銅蓮華手觀音坐像

Height 10⅞ in., 27.6 cm.

Yamanaka & Co., Inc.
Parke-Bernet Galleries, Inc., New York, 26th May 1944, lot 505.
Collection of Mrs. Alice Spalding Bowen (1890-1981).
Honolulu Museum of Art, Honolulu, 1953-1967.
Collection of Robert H. Ellsworth, New York, 1967-1972.
Collection of Christian Humann (d. 1981), New York, by 1972, named the Pan-Asian Collection by 1977.
Collection of Robert H. Ellsworth, New York, acquired in 1982.
Christie's New York, 17th May 2015, lot 15.

Parke-Bernet Galleries,Inc.,紐約,1944年5月26日,編號505
Alice Spalding Bowen 夫人 (1890-1981)收藏
Christian Humann(1981年逝)收藏,紐約,1972年之前,1977年之前改名為 Pan-Asian 收藏

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Denver Art Museum, 1972-1983 (on loan).
Reflection and Enlightenment: Chinese Buddhist Gilt Bronzes from the Jane and Leopold Swergold Collection, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, 2017-2018.

《Collection of Chinese and Other Far Eastern Art》,山中商會,紐約,1943年,編號111
《Reflection and Enlightenment: Chinese Buddhist Gilt Bronzes from the Jane and Leopold Swergold Collection》,休士頓美術館,休士頓,2017至2018年

Comprehensive Illustrated Catalogue of Chinese Buddhist Statues in Overseas Collection, vol. 5, Beijing, 2005, pl. 910.


This large finely cast figure can be identified as Padmapani, a manifestation of the bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara, by the lotus blossom at the left shoulder. Depicted seated in lalitasana adorned in sumptuous beaded jewelry with hair pulled into a high top knot, the sculpture embodies the style of the high Tang period, with its sensitive treatment of the natural curves and flow of the body. This representational mode was influenced by Indian art, and the characteristics include a rounded face, well-modeled cheeks, a subtly sensuous silhouette, and opulent jewelry. Compare a seated bodhisattva in similar posture, illustrated in Saburo Matsubara, Chinese Buddhist Sculpture, Tokyo, 1966, pl. 269.