RECYCLE GROUP | Network searchers

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Richard Taittinger Gallery
Network searchers, 2015
Plastic mesh
98.5 x 98.5 in.


Consigned to the gallery

Andrey Blokhin (b. 1987, Krasnodar, Russia) and Georgy Kuznetsov (b. 1985, Stavropol, Russia)

Recycle Group consists of Andrey Blokhin and Georgy Kuznetsov, two contemporary Russian artists who met through their artist parents and became friends while coming of age in Russia. Working primarily with mediums such as acrylic, plastic mesh, and polyurethane rubber, their works examine contemporary culture through a quasi-archaeological lens in order to question if aspects of today’s throwaway, technology-obsessed society will be worth immortalizing in history later. Awards include the coveted 2010 Kandinsky Prize for the “Young Artist: Project of the Year” category. Past exhibitions include: Conversion at the Sant’Antonin Church for the 56th Venice Biennale (2015) and the Manezh Central Exhibition Hall in Moscow (Fall 2015). In 2017, once again, they represented their country in the 55th Venice Biennale and held the solo exhibition, Homo Virtualis, at the Pushkin Museum in Moscow. Their work is currently held in several major collections: Albright Knox Gallery, Buffalo, NY; PERMM Contemporary Art Museum, Perm, Russia; and the Royal Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh, Scotland.

“Whereas before it used to be ‘Do you remember the event?’ now it’s ‘Do you remember the picture I posted on Instagram?’”1

1 Ekaterina Shcherbakova, “Site Unknown: Recycle Art Group unravel the mysteries of the internet,” The Calvert Journal, 22 October 2013.