JOE FYFE | Il Pleut

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Nathalie Karg Gallery
Il Pleut, 2018
Signed on back
Canvas, nylon, cotton, linen, acrylic
108 x 64 in.


Joe Fyfe is based in New York City. He repurposes found materials like kites, signs, and banners to reveal the poetic beauty within overlooked everyday objects. Culled from daily refuse—particularly that of impoverished areas in Southeast Asia—Fyfe’s work documents regional transitions and globalization. They are deliberately nonrepresentational, allowing materials to dictate form and come together on their own, rather than adhere to a preconceived artist’s vision. Fyfe received his BFA in 1976 from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His work has been included in numerous solo and group exhibitions in locations such as Galerie Christian Lethert in Cologne, Germany; Ryllega Gallery in Hanoi, Vietnam; Galerie Bernard Ceysson in Geneva,
Switzerland and White Columns in New York City.