ISAAC JULIEN | Prehistoric technology (Lina Bo Bardi - A Marvellous Entanglement)

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Galeria Nara Roesler
Prehistoric technology (Lina Bo Bardi - A Marvellous Entanglement), 2019
Endura Ultra Photograph
2/6 + 1 AP
70.9 x 94.5 x 3 in.


Inspired by both official and anecdotal stories about Lina Bo Bardi’s life and work, Isaac Julien's new film A Marvellous Entanglement is shot across seven buildings designed by Bo Bardi in Brazil. Each becomes a locus for a performance, intervention, enactment or reinvention of scenes that have shaped the history of, and the legends around, the architect. Oscar-nominated actress Fernanda Montenegro (1929) and her daughter Fernanda Torres (born 1965), winner of Best Actress Award at the Cannes Film Festival, appear throughout the film, portraying Bo Bardi as a character whose voice can still shed light on issues that were as important then as they are today. Prehistoric technology (Lina Bo Bardi - A marvellous entanglement) is not a still from the cinematographic work, but rather a photograph shot during filming that independently captures an instant of Julien's unique mise-en-scene.

Isaac Julien is one of the most important and influential British visual artists in the fields of installation and film. His work combines several disciplines, including cinema, photography, dance, music, theatre, painting and sculpture, which are captured in his audio-visual installations, documentaries and photographic pieces. The plurality of his work is not only present in the process of making, but also in the way in which it is exhibited, which includes several screens, with Julien being a pioneer in multiple-screen film installations. The artist's works frequently emerge from in-depth investigations of historical personalities, including Langston Hughes, Frantz Fanon and Lina Bo Bardi, in a process that often aims to review history's official versions. Although films are the main form of his artistic production, photography also plays a fundamental role in Julien’s oeuvre. In his photographs, he reinvents and redefines the aesthetics of his audio-visual production using techniques such as collage and digital photomontage.

His work appears in collections around the globe, such as: Guggenheim Museum, New York, USA; Tate Modern, London, UK; Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), New York, USA.