NICK MOSS | Some kinda blue over some kinda green

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Leila Heller Gallery
Some kinda blue over some kinda green, 2019
Steel canvas, patina, matte clear finish
Signed verso
36.13 x 24.81 x 1.25 in.


Artists Studio

Nick Moss (b. 1985) was raised in Metamora, Michigan, and currently lives and works between upstate New York and New York City. Working as a self-taught artist, Moss is represented by Leila Heller Gallery, which presented his debut solo exhibition, Rigorous Perception, in 2018. He has been part of several group exhibitions at Leila Heller, including Double Vision, curated by Jane Holzer (2019); Exemplary Bodies (2018); and the gallery’s summer group show in 2018. His solo exhibition Nick Moss: Substitute for Words debuted in Aspen, Colorado, at Casterline Goodman Gallery in winter 2019, and later traveled to Nantucket due to its overwhelming success.

Having worked on an intensive crop farm and with an industrial contracting company, Moss studied welding and metal fabrication before relocating to New York in 2007. In 2008, he joined Traeger Grills, where he led the creation, concept, manufacturing, product development, and industrial design, including re-engineering, of pellet grills made primarily of steel. By 2014, Moss had moved toward pursuing his artistic practice based in industrial steelwork. He continued to experiment with welding and steel, which developed into his current process of art fabrication.

Moss works primarily with various composites of raw steel, which he hand-welds into a canvas. Working entirely by hand, he uses industrial tools including a blowtorch, a MIG welder, and sanding implements, with unique patinas applied directly to the steel to create various abstract motifs. He also employs plasma cutting, oxyacetylene torching, water-jet cutting, laser cutting, and two-part clear coating in his practice.