RICK OWENS | Soft Stool White Marble

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Carpenters Workshop Gallery
Soft Stool White Marble, 2014
White Civec Marble
Limited edition of 8 + 4 AP
22.4 x 30.1 x 19.7 in.


Carpenters Workshop Gallery

Cut from one block of Marble, Soft Stool distills the art deco bedlam of Rick Owen’s aesthetics. Its form is evocative of Grecoroman, Swedish, art deco and brutalist architecture. This effortlessly chiseled sculpture cuts though history delivering a surprisingly comfortable bolster to the seat.

A Southern California native born in 1962, the acclaimed fashion designer Rick Owens displays a demanding and singular aesthetic in fashion. His original vision plays on material.

Owens lives and works in Paris, but the dark, minimalist style of his designs was created in the United States when he started out making bespoke furniture for his bunker-style loft in Los Angeles. Working with craftsmen of the highest caliber, he has developed a collection of pieces that express his signature style in cut, volume, and plan.

His designs evoke original furniture through archetypes. There are a number of typologies: the ceremonial chair Curial, the Trident chair with its structure, and the Halfbox armchair crafted from a chest. Through his choice of subtle and rare materials, Owens suggests the beauty of nature and develops a contrasting palette of black and white that confirms his taste for the monochrome.

He juxtaposes values to compose three-dimensional pieces that fully reflect his own style. Through fashion, design, and furniture, he cuts and shapes a transversal and global universe.