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Carpenters Workshop Gallery
CL-Arctic II (Gold), 2018
Bronze, Light Fittings
Limited edition of 8 + 4 AP
47.2 x 47.2 x 47.2 in.


Carpenters Workshop Gallery

For his Citylight sculptures, Molenschot drew on the shapes and colors of the buzzing Shanghai cityscape, replicating the blur and haze of the city at night. Spending time there as a student, Molenschot was initially overwhelmed by the immensity of the city. Made by hand at the artist studio, CL- Artic II is an interpretation of the ‘stacked’ metropole– people and buildings piled on top of each other with roads like ribbons of light cutting through the heart of it all.

Frederik Molenschot was born in 1981, is graduate of Design Academy Eindhoven, currently works in Amsterdam, and is part of the Dutch Design Movement. His degree was earned with studies in man and public space and he focused on connecting people and their environments.

The founder of Studio Molen, Molenschot is a blur of constant energy, forever creating and developing new ideas and inspiring people. Molenschot crafts his work by hand and displays incredible diversity. He has a deep interest in the artificial and natural elements of our surroundings. His aim is to transport the viewer’s senses to a new level.

Molenschot is best known for his cast bronze lighting structures such as his body of works City light which he hand-shaped into detailed formations to channel and direct light. His work is inspired by city lights and the night sky which visualize a vision of a future city.

He says, “If you’re an architect, your world is a building, a graphic designer works on a newspaper or a wall, while a landscape architect plays with nature itself. I try and draw all these worlds together and see what happens when they meet.”