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  • Jean-Louis-André-Théodore Géricault
  • Le violoniste aveugle
  • Pen and brown ink over black chalk
  • 269 x 200 mm; 10 5/8 by 7 7/8 in


Possibly Alexandre-Marie Colin, Paris;
Private collection, Nancy;
Collection Lewis Reines, Brooklyn, until 2013

Catalogue Note

We are most grateful to Philippe Grunchec, who, having seen the drawing in the original, has confirmed the attribution to Jean-Louis-André-Théodore Géricault.

This emotive and pathos-laden sheet, executed in pen and brown ink over abundant black chalk underdrawing, depicts a blind man playing the violin and must surely date, both on stylistic grounds and its atypical subject matter, to Gericault's time in Italy, circa 1816-17. Interestingly a second version of the composition is known, drawn solely in pen and brown ink and today housed in the Musée des Beaux-Arts, Besançon.1 Indeed it was this version that was published by Germain Bazin, who appears to have been unaware of the existence of the present sheet, at the time. The vigorous black chalk underdrawing, so evident in our drawing, makes a compelling case for Gericault's authorship, as well as a strong argument for its being his original concept of the composition. By contrast the arguably more laboured penmanship in the Besançon sheet, suggests that that drawing was created at a later date, possibly as a ricordo by the artist.

1. G. Bazin, Théodore Géricault: étude critique, documents et catalogue raisonné, vol. IV, Paris 1990, pp. 19 and 132, no. 1187, reproduced.