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AN IMPORTANT SILVER-GILT TEA AND COFFEE SET, JEAN-BAPTISTE-CLAUDE ODIOT, PARIS, 1809-1819 | An important silver-gilt tea and coffee set, Jean-Baptiste-Claude Odiot, Paris, 1809-1819

25,000 - 35,000 EUR
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  • The tray 72 cm long, the fountain 50 cm high, overall weight without tray 7 028,5 g ; tray 28  5/16in. long, fountain 19  11/16in. high, overall weight without tray 225oz 19dwt
comprising a large coffee-pot on spreading foot, a hot-water urn, the triangular base resting on 3 claw feet, the body sustained by 3 sphinges, a teapot on spreading foot, a circular biscuit-bowl on square foot and a large two-handled oval tray, with snake-shaped handles on wood base, each piece engraved with the cypher of the Grand-Duke with Imperial crown