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PHAM HAU | Water Pond in a Vietnamese Village Scene

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  • Pham Hau
  • Water Pond in a Vietnamese Village Scene
  • Stamped with the seal of the artist on the underside
  • Lacquer and gold powder pigment on wooden box
  • 46 by 23.5 by 8.5 cm; 18 1/4  by 9 1/4  by 3 1/2  in.
  • Executed circa 1939-1940s

Catalogue Note

As an early student at the L’École des Beaux-Arts de l’Indochine, Pham Hau and his peers were provided a key platform for young Vietnamese talent to cultivate their skills and becomeartists intheir own right. Specifically, the introduction of lacquer making workshops in 1925, gave Pham Hau the opportunity to practice and master the refined workmanship that later became so essential to elevating Vietnamese lacquer into a modern medium.  

The present lot is a sublime example of the Pham Hau’s indisputable dexterity and is of remarkable rarity.  Delicately depicting a water-side view of a Vietnamese rural village, this laquer box demonstrates the artist’s profound application of Western and Eastern artistic principles. The tranquility of this poetic composition reveals Pham Hau’s devotion to the simplicity and richness of Vietnamese pastoral life. With an incredible eye for dimension, he illustrates layers of depth by varying shades of red, gold and black. What is particularly exquisite about this piece is the artist’s finesse in painting the reflection of the landscape in the pond. The blurred shapes of leaves of the trees seem to ripple upon the surface of the water, alluding to a sense of movement and quite solace. The sense of perspective and meticulous detail is truly laudable, demonstrative of his unparalleled technical virtuosity and supreme craftsmanship.