Lot 1814
  • 1814


44,000,000 - 64,000,000 HKD
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Set with an oval ruby weighing 11.88 carats, to the shoulders of geometric design, set with variously shaped diamonds, mounted in platinum, signed Yard, numbered, size 5¾, case stamped Raymond Yard.


Accompanied by Gübelin, SSEF and AGL reports numbered 14037106, 71435 and CS 57925, dated 4 March 2014, 21 October 2013 and 7 November 2013 respectively, stating that the 11.88 carat ruby is natural, of Burmese (Myanmar) origin, with no indications of heating; Gübelin stating that the colour of this ruby may also be called 'pigeon blood red' in the trade; AGL stating that the origin of this material would be classified as Classic™ Burma (Myanmar). For further details, please refer to the reports, appendix and folios. Signed Yard, numbered 39013. Stamped PT950 for platinum. Ruby is medium red colour and strong saturation, under 10x magnification, there are typical inclusions with some surface reaching, some nicks and pits, but all hardly noticeable with unaided eye. Diamonds are about F - G colour, VVS - VS clarity. Metal in near mint condition. Overall in excellent condition. Accompanied by an original sketch from Raymond Yard. Case stamped Raymond Yard.
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Catalogue Note

Accompanied by Gübelin report no. 14037106, dated 4 March 2014, AGL report no.  CS 57925, dated 7 November 2013, and SSEF Premium Appendix with report no. 71435, dated 21 October 2013, stating that the 11.88 carat ruby is natural, of Burmese origin, with no indications of heating; Gübelin further stating that the colour of this ruby may also be called 'pigeon blood red' in the trade; AGL also stating that the origin of this material would be classified as Classic™ Burma. SSEF Appendix Letter further stating that 'The natural ruby...possesses extraordinary characteristics and merits special mention and appreciation. The described gemstone exhibits a remarkable size and weight...combined with an attractive vivid red colour and a fine purity... characteristic for the finest rubies from Mogok. A natural Burmese ruby of this size and quality is very rare and exceptional.'Also accompanied by AGL JewelFolio™ stating 'A beautiful 11.88ct Burmese ruby of this color and quality is rare and worth of distinction. In addition to its vivid "pigeon-blood" red color and unheated condition, this gem possesses a special weight. The number 8 carries a special meaning in a number of cultures. With each hundredth of a carat equaling 0.002 grams, precision cutting and care was required to finish the polishing of this gem at just the right moment to achieve two 8's.'

Further accompanied by an original sketch from Raymond Yard.



Raymond Yard, a name that resonates with the American Dream, is renowned for the brand’s aptitude in elevating Art Deco jewellery, as well as differentiating itself from other jewelers, building a reputation with loyal clientele through their quest for perfectionism and exceptional jewels.

Yard’s own humble beginnings as a thirteen-year-old door boy at exclusive retailer, Marcus & Co. in New York, fortuitously opened doors to his enduring and respected presence in the jewellery industry. As he navigated his way through the ranks, he learnt various aspects of production and retail, impressing those he encountered with his honesty and knowledge, including John D. Rockefeller Jr., a longstanding client of Marcus & Co.

At the height of the roaring 20s, Rockefeller encouraged Yard to open his own firm, continuing to support him by introducing some of the wealthiest people in America at the time, in turn inspiring some of the most magnificent jewels to be created. Since it’s establishment in 1922, Raymond Yard’s brand has steadfastly upheld an image of prestige amongst discerning collectors of elite society. A reputation built on working with the finest gemstones, handled by craftsmen detailing the most intricate platinum mountings, Yard’s signature pieces remain intrinsically identifiable classics, such as the Yard-Rockefeller Emerald, a benchmark for the quality of precious coloured gemstones that have had the privilege of encountering the skilled and exacting requirements of Raymond Yard.

In 2017, Sotheby’s Hong Kong sold the Woolworth-Yard jadeite bead necklace for 23 times its pre-sale estimate. A double-strand necklace composed of fifty-two and fifty-seven graduated highly translucent jadeite beads that was accompanied with an archive drawing of the unique Yard diamond clasp dating to 1957.

Raymond Yard’s ability in accentuating the best attributes of a rare gem renowned, Yard’s reputation for using the most precious metals and superlative stones, had his clients trusting his perfectionism to the extent that they would be willing to wait for him to find the perfect gems to complete their jewels. Lot 1814 is of such a fine example. As quoted from the AGL’s jewel folio “A beautiful 11.88ct Burmese ruby of this colour and quality is rare and worthy of distinction. In addition to it’s vivid “pigeon-blood” red colour and unheated condition, this gem possesses a special weight…..” Alongside the exceptional quality of the ruby, the significance of number, 8, carries a special meaning in many cultures. With each hundredth of a carat equaling 0.002grams, the technical precision cutting and care required to finish the polishing of this gem is a notable achievement on the skills of the cutter.

Possessing a combination of outstanding characteristics, Lot 1814 displays a homogenous and richly saturated colour, which typifies the finest of Burmese rubies. The depth of colour, combined with high clarity and brilliance, shape and fine proportions all contribute to the beauty of this gem.