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40,000,000 - 50,000,000 HKD
45,348,000 HKD
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The front designed as a Chinese musical instrument pipa, centring upon a cushion-shaped fancy intense yellow diamond weighing 100.02 carats, embellished with variously shaped and brilliant-cut diamonds, to the scrolled diamond-set necklace, mounted in 18 karat white and yellow gold, pipa detachable and can be worn as pendant/brooch, a section of necklace can be detached and worn as single earring, signed Anna Hu, necklace length approximately 440mm, post and hinged back fitting for earring.

Catalogue Note

Accompanied by GIA report no. 6173064376, dated 4 October 2018, stating that the diamond is Fancy Intense Yellow, Natural Colour, Internally Flawless.  _____________________________________________________________

100.02 carat Fancy Intense Yellow Diamond

Most popular among all the fancy coloured diamonds is the yellow diamond. Yellow diamonds rightfully earn their status being the most luminous of all the colours of the spectrum, capturing our attention more than any other. A colour of happiness, optimism, enlightenment and creativity.

A diamond gets its yellow colour from the presence of nitrogen and the way in which it is arranged within the crystal lattice. The intensity of the yellow colour is therefore dependent upon varying amounts of nitrogen and its structure. A diamond's colour grade can drastically affect its value. Whilst many colourless diamonds also contain notes of nitrogen, often aggregated producing no real yellow colour, only when there is an abundance of the trace element perfectly aligned within the crystal lattice, does the diamond exceed the D-Z colour-grading scale and breakthrough into the classification as a fancy coloured diamond, eligible to be graded on a special scale according to the strength and quality of their yellow color. These diamonds are said to have a "Fancy" yellow color. On a scale developed by GIA, they are graded as Fancy Light, Fancy, Fancy Intense, Fancy Dark, Fancy Deep or Fancy Vivid according to the tone and saturation of their yellow color. Whilst yellow diamonds often contain traces of a secondary colour, greenish or orangey modifications, the most desirable colour for a yellow diamond is pure yellow. A fancy intense yellow diamond is one of the most coveted colours amongst yellow diamonds.

Moreover, diamonds that are over 100 carats are rare for all diamonds – but even rarer for coloured diamonds. For a diamond to weigh 100 carats or more after the cutting and polishing process, in general, the crystal rough would have been well over double the size of 100 carats. In order to attain the impressive 100.02 carat weight whilst eliminating any inclusions to receive an internally flawless clarity grading, a meticulous process of planning and expertise was undertaken to preserve a near perfect result.

Whilst abundant compared to other coloured diamonds, fancy-coloured yellow diamonds represent a small portion of overall diamond production. Their bright depths of colour offer a strikingly attractive appearance to its beholder. Combined with the impressive 100.02 carat size and internally flawless clarity, this fancy intense yellow diamond is one to be treasured.

Dunhuang Pipa Necklace

Drawing inspiration from the Dunhuang Mogao grottoes, also known as the Thousand Buddha Grottoes, an oasis located at the cultural crossroads along the Silk Road, the idealistic transformation of the pipa, a traditional chinese musical instrument originating from lands north of the Great Wall, and the lines of a western music staff into necklace pendants and chain, represent Anna’s vision for combining her heritage and passions in the form of wearable art. Based on the inspiration from the interflow of eastern and western arts, and the exquisite melody of the Silk Road, Anna embodies the beautiful imagery produced by the collision of eastern and western cultures in Lot 1713, the Dunhuang Pipa Necklace.