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  • Height 8 1/2  in., 21.6 cm
of flattened fanghu form, the short splayed foot and broad rim incised with a band of keyfret, flanked by a pair of ruyi-shaped loop handles, each suspending a loose ring, the narrow sides finely incised with archaistic scroll work forming a diaper pattern, the waisted neck encircled with pendent overlapping 'cicada' blade motifs, the domed cover similarly decorated at the rim with keyfret, surmounted by a rectangular finial, the softly polished stone of even pale green tone (2)


Rossetti Collection, London.
Collection of Samuel M. (1830-1914) and Matilda (1837-1912) Nickerson.
Gifted to The Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, in 1900 (acc. no. 1900.766).


Collection of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel M. Nickerson: presented to The Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, 1900, cat. no. 7.

Catalogue Note

Comparable 18th and 19th century jade vases with a similarly restrained archaistic aesthetic, include a Qianlong mark and period yellow jade fanghu-form vase and cover with ruyi-form handles and ruyi-head bands at the shoulder and foot, in the Woolf Collection, published in The Woolf Collection of Chinese Jade, London, 2013, pl. 2; a 19th century white jade fanghu and cover, set with loose ring handles and undecorated aside from keyfret at the foot and rim, in the collection of the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco, published in Michael Knight, et al., Later Chinese Jades: Ming Dynasty to Early Twentieth Century from the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco, San Francisco, 2007, pl. 137 (obj. no. B60J286); and a Qianlong mark and period celadon jade fanghu with low-relief archaistic motifs and loose ring handles in the collection of the National Museum of History, Taiwan, and exhibited and published in Jade: Qing Dynasty Treasures from the National Museum of History, Taiwan, National Museum of History, Taipei, 1997, cat. no. 102. See also a white jade slender hu-form vase and cover, formerly in the De An Tang Collection, and sold most recently in these rooms, 18th March 2008, lot 15; and a yellow jade hu-form vase and cover with taotie masks carved in low relief around the body, sold in our Hong Kong rooms, 31st May - 1st June 2018, lot 619.