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WARRE 1963 |

1,500 - 2,000 GBP
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Warre 1963 u. 6bn, 3vts, 1ts, 2hs, labels glue striped and slightly soiled, 1 applied upside down, wax capsules embossed 'Warre's 1963', several slightly cracked, 1 with slight signs of old seepage, straw wrapped, owc sealed with metal clips until inspectionIn 2016, this is just so scented and balanced, with all the 1963 spirity element now gone, leaving fruit, charm and a seductive way of saying, have another glass. The next day, what was left in the decanter was even better. Serena Sutcliffe, MW 545:12 bts (owc)per lot: GBP 1,500-2,000per lot: USD 1,800-2,400per lot: EUR 1,600-2,200LYING IN GREENFORD, MIDDLESEXOffered Duty Paid onlyEstimates are per lot