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Bollinger, R.D. 2002 60% Pinot Noir, 40% Chardonnay, which is high for this wine. In 2017 and from magnum, a bouquet of singed grapefruit skins which I love! Divine citric flavours mix with the taste of rock oysters and a lovely finish of orange toast. Grandiose - maybe it is the R.D. of my dreams. We had it with 18 and 36 month aged Comté cheese, but I could drink it with everything, or nothing. Chance would be a fine thing, as they say. In 2018, a lovely, salty/tangy nose and an explosion of fruit on the palate, with lots of orange zest, attack and beautifully balanced acidity. Definitely the R.D. of my dreams! Serena Sutcliffe, MW 552:3 mags (oc) 553:3 mags (oc) 554:3 mags (oc) 555:3 mags (oc)per lot: GBP 800-1,000per lot: USD 1,000-1,200per lot: EUR 900-1,100LYING IN OCTAVIAN, WILTSHIREOffered In Bond, available Duty PaidThese items are in bond. The buyer has a choice of taking the item in bond (with the sale being made in bond) or taking the item duty paid. Bidding is at in bond prices. If taken in bond, VAT will not be charged on the hammer price. VAT will be charged at the standard rate on the buyer's premium. If taken duty paid, duty at the current rate and bond clearance charges, equivalent to the standard rate of VAT on the hammer price plus duty, will be added to the buyer's invoice. Unless notified otherwise at the time of sale, EU residents will receive a duty paid invoice. Buyers requiring their wine in bond must arrange collection of their wine either by a shipper with a bond movement guarantee or by a registered tax warehouse if the wine is to remain in the UK. If the buyer subsequently removes the wine from bond, the buyer will be responsible for duty, clearance, delivery, VAT and any other charges that may apply from the date of the sale. If taken duty paid, when Sotheby's releases the property to buyers in the UK, the buyer must pay Sotheby's duty at the current rate and import VAT at the standard rate on the hammer price plus duty which may not be cancelled or refunded by Sotheby's. VAT will be charged at the standard rate on the buyer's premium. (VAT-registered buyers from the UK should note that the invoice issued by Sotheby's showing import VAT payable, is not suitable evidence for recovering that VAT. In order to recover this as input tax, a VAT registered buyer must purchase the wine in bond and clear it under his own name and VAT number. HM Revenue and Customs will then issue a From C79 which is acceptable evidence for recovering the VAT as input tax subject to the normal rules.) (All business buyers from outside the UK should refer to 'VAT refunds to Non EU business buyers' for information on how to recover VAT incurred on the buyer's premium).Estimates are per lot