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YANG SHEN 1488-1559; SHI DANDANG 1593-1763; ET. AL | Calligraphy in Running Script

260,000 - 350,000 HKD
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  •  Calligraphy in Running Script
  • ink on paper, handscroll
  • various sizes
(Yang) signed Shengan (three times) and with three seals of the artist in total(Li) signed Yuanyongsheng, dated xinmao (1531), with a dedication and with one seal of the artist(Monk Dandang) signed Dandang and with two seals of the artistFrontispiece by Yang Shen (1488-1559) and with three seals of hisColophon by Yao Nai (1731-1815), dated guihai (1803) and with one seal of hiswith two collector's seals of Zhang Pengsheng (1761-1819)