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A GERMAN PARCEL-GILT NEF, BY HANS GEORG KRAUER DER AELTERE, LUCERNE, CIRCA 1660 | A German parcel-gilt nef, by Hans Georg Krauer der Aeltere, Lucerne, circa 1660

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  • Haut. 44 cm ; 17 1/4 in. high ; 564,2 g. ; 19,9 oz.
on an oval base with shells, the stem shaped as a woman supporting the body shaped as a ship's hull with embossed fruits, the rear deck with a woman's figure on a winged ball holding a sail


Private swiss collection

Catalogue Note

This nef model was developed throughout the 17th century in Nuremberg, but also in other cities such as Augsburg and Lucerne. These coupes demonstrate the diversity of shapes for these types of vessel particularly appreciated as a drinking game. During family celebrations or other events it was possible to serve refreshments from this type of nef. For similar models consult the publications: Et al., Trésors de l'orfèvrerie allemande du XVIe siècle, collection Rudolf-August Oetker, exh. cat, Fondation Bemberg, 2016, pp.100-101 ; et Et al., Magie de l'orfèvrerie, faste et élégance, cinq siècles d'orfèvrerie européenne dans les collections privées, volume II, exh. cat., Editions de l'Amateur, 2011, pp.130-131.