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A PROBABLY GERMAN EAST-INDIAN EBONY AND MAPLE WOOD CASKET WITH SILVER MOUNTS, 17TH CENTURY | A probably German East-Indian ebony and maple wood casket with silver mounts, 17th century

35,000 - 45,000 EUR
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  • Haut. 21,5 cm, long. 42 cm, larg. 30 cm ; height 8 1/2 in., length 16 1/2 in., width 11 3/4 in.
rectangular shaped, opening by two doors, the interior with nine drawers, decorated with foliage, putti, mascarons, birds and a crowned monogram, the inside of the doors with Saint Michael slaying the dragon and Saint Martin sharing his coat

Catalogue Note

The monogram GSV stamped with a prince's crown from the Holy Roman Empire indicates that this box was most probably made for a Prince from the House of Salm-Vianden or Salm-Vosges.