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AN ITALIAN LARGE SILVER RECTANGULAR PRESENTATION DISH, UNMARKED, SIGNED S.T. VARTI, GENOA, DATED 1674 | An Italian large silver rectangular presentation dish, unmarked, signed S.T. Varti, Genoa, dated 1674

30,000 - 50,000 EUR
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  • Long. 61 cm ; 23 1/2 in. ; 2443,5 g. ; 86,2 oz
embossed with a scene depicting Apollo served by the nymphs, inscribed in a cartouche STVARTI S 1674, the rim with tritons, sirens and putti on dolphins


Gianna Roccatagliata, Argenti Genovesi, ed. De Ferrari, Gênes, 2002, p. 116, 118 and 119.

Catalogue Note

The central scene representing Apollo served by the nymphs is exactly the same than the famous group carved in 1666 by Girardon and Regnaudin for the Téthys cave in Versailles gardens. The nymphs stand in the same way, as, for example Melicerte, kneeling in front of the god and holding a linen to wash his feet.