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A GOLD SNUFF BOX, CANTON, CIRCA 1830 | A gold snuff box, Canton, circa 1830

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  • 7.5cm, 3 in wide, 169g
rectangular, the lid and base richly chased with chinese figures at work in the countryside and at rest near a pagoda, the slightly waisted sides with a procession of musicians, struck with London prestige marks for 1810

Catalogue Note

The Chinese Export silversmith who has been associated with the mark 'P', with pseudo English hallmarks, remains unidentified. Adrien von Fershcht, in Chinese Export Silver 1785-1940, suggests the maker is one and the same as the master of the WE WE WC mark, which carries the same letter P mark, in the same font. Boxes of this type were made for wealthy Chinese trade merchants and are extremely rare in solid gold.